The Good Doctor season 3: Romantic paths for Dr. Shaun Murphy

Freddie HighmoreMrs. Carter: In looking ahead towards The Good Doctor season 3, there’s one question that the finale cliffhanger left wide open: What does the future hold for Dr. Shaun Murphy romantically?

The finale itself did a fake-out before bringing you to the big reveal with Carly, a move that could’ve easily veered off into another direction. What makes this story interesting right now is that there are three possible (and worthy) contenders for a Shaun romance moving forward, each with their own advantages. There’s no guarantee that any of them would work, or that the feelings would even be reciprocated if he has them. Ultimately, though, it’s worthy of a conversation — and that’s why I am providing below in listing off what Carly, Lea, and Claire each bring to the table.

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Carly – This is, easily, the path the writers will most-likely follow. How can they not? Season 2 ended with Shaun asking her out — which was probably a surprise to all the people out there thinking he was about to ask Lea. Their relationship is still new and because he doesn’t have the full scope of experience with her that he’s had with the other two women on this list, we imagine that there could be some highs and lows. Watching Shaun navigate a first date with Carly is going to be critical for his future — it should help him to realize what is important in relationships. That could help him here, or it could also help him down the road.

Lea – For most of the first season and part of the second, it felt like this was endgame. Maybe it still does, but it does feel like the proper time for the tables to turn a little bit in regards to this character. Why not swing things around a little bit here? Why not make it so that Lea has to see Shaun with someone else, and understand a little more of what she is missing out on? Turning tables is important sometimes for people to recognize their feelings — Lea does care about Shaun, but there’s something more that she can recognize. This upcoming season should offer up a great opportunity for her to recognize what her own feelings are.

Claire – There’s an interesting case to be made here in that intellectually, they actually connect more than Shaun does with any other character. They both care about each other and want to see each other succeed. Often, having a great working relationship and going through the thick of it there means that you’ll be able to tackle anything that is thrown at you in life. Friendships can also turn often into something a little bit more. On the flip side, though, there are a lot of people who envision Shaun and Claire as just friends and that not every TV friendship needs to transform itself into a full-blown romance. If this ever happens, The Good Doctor likely faces a divided fanbase.

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