Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 preview: Cersei vs. Daenerys

Game of ThronesWhat lies ahead on Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4? Prepare yourself for the end of one war … but the start of a new one. (Warning: OBVIOUS spoilers lie within from tonight’s episode.)

Obviously, the Battle of Winterfell was big, it was crazy, and there was a lot of carnage within it. Lives were lost and everyone is pining for just that one rare moment when they can actually catch their breath. The unfortunate news is simply that there isn’t a whole lot of time for it … or at least there isn’t for Daenerys. She’s always been someone with her eye on a larger prize, and that is the Iron Throne. She’s ready to fight for it, and ready to do so via just about any means necessarily.

Unfortunately for her, there is another adversary waiting for her in Cersei, the Queen of Cruelty and someone who’s been readying for this moment for quite some time. She’s already got her army set, with some help from the Iron Islands, and she hasn’t had to worry anywhere near as much about fatigue with her soldiers. They didn’t head north; Cersei remains, as always, about Cersei.

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Now, episode 4 is going to potentially gear us up for some epic battles in the future as we near the end of this season and the series. There’s no guarantee that we’ll reach all-out war in this episode, but clearly, we are setting a foundation for it.

Let’s make one thing clear — we don’t need to see Daenerys on the Iron throne in order to be happy at the end of all of this. We’re not even sure that she should be given that so much of her focus has been about conquest, and not so much always helping the people in the lands that she’s taken. What we want is just for a story full of epic reunions and exciting showdowns — and also characters continuing to find a way to surprise us. That’s not the easiest thing for any show to do eight years in.

Now, go ahead and let it settle in that there are only three episodes left of the whole series. Before long, we’ll know the answers to everything and we’re going to be left with that gaping fantasy-themed hole that we’ll be looking for something to fill.

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