911 season 2 episode 16 video: Bobby Nash fights for his job

911 season 2Tomorrow night, 911 season 2 episode 16 is going to make Bobby’s past come roaring back. The question you have to wonder is just what’s going to be left on the other side when it happens.

If you think back to season 1, we had a chance way back then to learn about Bobby’s past in Minnesota and some of what happened to him. He’s had a devastating past and that’s been hard for him to overcome; yet, he’s found a way to start over his life. He’s in a new part of the world where he can pursue big dreams and find a way to have some incredibly exciting things happen for him.

Unfortunately, sometimes the past has a funny way of coming back to haunt you. We don’t exactly think that Bobby expected to possibly lose his job because of events so firmly rooted in his past, but that is where he is now. Throughout this episode, expect to see him fight for everything that he loves and every single thing that he believes in — and, beyond just that, be prepared to see him rely on the help and the love of those around him.

To go along with this, though, be prepared to also see a little bit more of his backstory within this episode — we’ve gotten tastes of it before, but not quite on the level that we’re talking about here. A lot of that is probably linked to the title of “Bobby Begins Again” in the first place. It’s a reminder that this is almost a sequel to some of the backstory that we’ve had a chance to see from him to date, and then there’s also a part of us that thinks that it is about him trying to start all over. It just has to be seen if he will have a chance to do something else all over again.

What are we expecting above all else?

A heck of a performance from Peter Krause! This is a guy who has done so much powerful and introspective stuff throughout his career, but this is going to be another test, another opportunity to showcase something poignant and different. This is really not the sort of stuff that you often get a chance to do on network TV, and you have to take advantage of it when you can.

This is, in the end, one of the beautiful things about 911. This is a show that really does offer up that unique chance to do some excellent stuff in a sandbox that you would think, on the surface, would be very procedural. He finds a way to make it anything but.

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