Blue Bloods season 9 finale photos: More on Lena — and Henry!

Blue Bloods season 9

We’ve already had a chance to view the Blue Bloods season 9 finale through many perspectives, but how about from a family one? We’ve gotten a chance to see a number of shots featuring the bride and groom, but it’s nice to see some other important people involved, as well — including some who don’t get a whole lot of attention.

Take, for example, Henry Reagan, who clearly seems to be having an active role in the ceremony. It’s obviously nice to see him taking part in a big way, though we do wish that there were some more opportunities for Len Cariou to have big storylines throughout the season. Even though Henry may be retired from the force, we have a hard time thinking that this man’s life is boring. He’s got a wily imagination and his knowledge of New York City is limitless.

Also, we know that he loves his grandson — and we think that he and Eddie have a similar sort of gusto. It’s too bad you don’t really get a whole lot of scenes with the two of them in the same room.

So what about Lena?

Christine Ebersole is of course back for the final episode, and above all else, it’s just nice to have her there! We of course assumed that she would be, but it was nice to see the proof trickle in — she’s really the only one of Eddie’s family members out of prison and able to attend. It’s also nice to see that she’s got some confidence about her — it’s understand to be insecure around the Reagans. It’s relatable, really. If you think about the sheer size of New York and the long history that the family has had overseeing the police department, it’s clear that this is probably the most important law enforcement family in the country. It’s almost surprising that they aren’t more famous in some ways because of it.

While Lena may be different from all of the Reagans, we do think that she could bring a funnier side out of some of them. We’re all for seeing what she brings to this finale when it comes to humor, and also seeing if she’s got any sage advance for her daughter as she prepares for this all new part of her life.

The Blue Bloods season 9 finale is coming to CBS on Friday, May 10 — it’s still a small window of time away, but we’re excited to see what’s coming up regardless.

What do you want to see on the Blue Bloods season 9 finale, and how do you think this season’s going to end? Be sure to sound off in the comments! Also, remember to stay tuned — we’ve got a ton of other updates ahead that you don’t wanna miss.

(Photo: CBS.)

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