God Friended Me season 2 spotlight: What’s next for Miles?

God Friended MeThe unfortunate news is pretty clear at this point: There’s not going to be a God Friended Me season 2 on the air for some time now. The show’s in the midst of its season 1 hiatus and, unfortunately, we don’t quite know yet when season 2 is going to air. Beyond that, there are questions aplenty about where the story could go for many of its characters!

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For the span of the next several weeks, we’re going to be bringing you a series of God Friended Me spotlights with all sorts of teases surrounding each character and what could be coming up next. Since the bulk of this story is about Brandon Michael Hall and his character of Miles Finer, doesn’t it make perfect sense to start with him? We are discussing here a character whose new friend started it all, and whether it be with his podcast or with the good he does for others, he’s always going to be at the center of this story.

As we’re going to point out through our suggestions below, the real mission for Miles in season 2 now has to be figuring out an even larger way to help others who need it, and also trying in order to determine how to keep his relationships together and find happiness at home in addition to with his work.

Figuring out what the mystery woman wants – As many of you are quite aware at this point, season 1 ended with Miles getting a visit from a mysterious woman, someone who claimed to have been given Miles’ name from God. Obviously, this is a bit of a game-changer. What is she going to do, and is there something that she’s going to be tasked with doing for Miles? The obvious question is if maybe Miles is either meant to go to Paris with Cara or he wasn’t supposed to let her go, but we think that if he asked her to stay and she did, she would resent him for it later.

Where do Miles and Cara stand? – It obviously makes sense when season 2 picks up to have these two characters still together, but sometimes, the TV world is not that simple. Something could’ve happened to split the two up due to them being thousands of miles apart, and this is certainly an issue that the producers of God Friended Me need to explore early on in season 2. Establish the new dynamic and what needs to be done for both to be happy.

The state of the podcast – How successful is the Millennial Prophet now? If this is like any other podcast, we imagine that there will eventually be demands for him to start doing it live at various events and beyond just that, people who think of him even more as a public figure than ever before.

How’s his relationship with his father? – Given that Arthur no longer is a priest and is settling down for a very different sort of life, is he going to try and be more involved with his kids? That could be a good thing, but at times, it can get a little bit smothering. Address that.

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