Line of Duty season 5 episode 6 (finale) run time, early hints

Line of Duty finale

Do you want to know more of what’s coming on Line of Duty season 5 episode 6 — otherwise known as the final episode of the season? We can sum it up mostly in one word: Answers. You’re going to get answers to a number of key questions, but we wouldn’t be too shocked if there are a few more threads left open. Remember here that we still had the identity of H left out in the opening entering this season. Work is never quite done for AC-12, is it?

BBC One isn’t really revealing any information about the upcoming finale, save for saying that “closely guarded secrets are revealed.” Maybe that is tied to the H mystery, or maybe there is something else that gets revealed that no one sees coming. We certainly think that we’ve seen that already with what happened to Corbett — who else thought that this dude would die before the finale, and that McQueen was going to be the traitor? (That sound you hear is basically Jed Mercurio cackling to himself off in the corner.)

Ultimately, Mercurio and the BBC have determined already that there is some extra time required in order to wrap up this story on their own terms, given the fact that this episode is set to run for a good 90 minutes — it will start at the same time, but run until close to 10:30 p.m. local time in Great Britain. The extended run time will enable the writers to tie together loose ends, and should help to compensate for the appalling fact that there are only six episodes in a single season. (Why doesn’t Line of Duty at least go for eight? Is that too much to ask for?)

No matter what, we imagine that we’re getting a finale that will pull out all of the stops and, in the end, try to leave no stone unturned.

A look towards the future

The good news is that we already know that there will be a season 6 of Line of Duty in the future — the BBC already renewed it some time back! The question remains mostly when it’s going to be airing, and also what the overall arc for it will be.

Let’s go ahead and caution you that on the other side of the finale, you’re going to be waiting a rather-long time to see what’s next. How long? Think in terms of 2020, or more likely 2021. With another season of Bodyguard likely coming from Mercurio, our feeling is that these two shows could end up each taking turns appearing as a part of the network’s lineup … at least for however long they are each on the air.

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