Chambers season 2 renewal: Is it possible at Netflix?

ChambersFollowing this weekend’s premiere, is there reason to be confident in a Chambers season 2 renewal? Within this CarterMatt article, we’re ready to dive into any and all things when it comes to the streaming service’s spooky new entry.

We should start with a reminder: There is no official Chambers season 2 renewal at the moment. Yes, it’s got a great cast and the sort of premise that should lead to it coming back. Shows within this genre still aren’t that commonplace, and we think that this is where Netflix is trying to get a leg up. That’s why they were able to make something out of The Haunting of Hill House when that came out last year. We don’t necessarily think that binge-watching is something that has to be done with a lot of shows (as a matter of fact, many shows benefit from moderation and allowing for time to dive in and see various intricacies) however shows in the horror/thriller category are perfect for binging. They’re built so much on suspense. It’s like reading a really good book — when one chapter is done, you want to just move over and take a look at the next one. You don’t want to put down the book and come back in a week, when some of the details may be starting to diminish from your mind. You want to just be able to enjoy the show when you’ve got the actual opportunity to do so!

Given that Netflix gave The Haunting of Hill House a season 2, they’re certainly willing to continue franchises in this genre — Chambers actually feels like an easier show to give a renewal to, if for no other reason than that it doesn’t have the same anthology feel. It can continue in a little more organic a manner. It took the The Haunting of Hill House several months to get its renewal — so obviously, patience is a virtue.

Here’s the bad news – Netflix is starting to become a horror-show in its own right with its willingness to cancel some of its shows. There was a time when they really pushed their new properties and didn’t start swinging the ax until they absolutely had to. Times have changed. Ask fans of Daredevil, One Day at a Time, The Punisher, Santa Clarita Diet, Everything Sucks!, American Vandal, or The Good Cop how they feel about it (you can read our own salty reaction to Santa Clarita Diet’s cancellation here). Streaming services shouldn’t be forced to keep shows that are under-performing, but at the same time, we personally feel like if you’re willing to invest in three seasons of a show, you should at least invest in a proper ending.

Unfortunately, Chambers hasn’t gotten to that three-season mark, so Netflix could cancel it without potentially the same blowback as a long-running series. They’ll take a look at the numbers over the next month or two, and then they’ll make a decision from there. The hardest part, at least for those who come to love this show, will be waiting for news. There’s no specific timetable that Netflix has to adhere to — though if we get about half a year along and there’s no news, that’s not a cause for great optimism.

Are you hoping to see a Chambers season 2 renewal at Netflix? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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