Better Call Saul season 5: Who else is back in town?

Better Call SaulEven though Better Call Saul season 5 filming has been underway for a little while now, we are still at a point when some main players are still making their journey to the show’s Albuquerque hub. Why doesn’t everyone come down at the same time? Well, the simplest reason for that is that not every character is in every episode and with that, there’s not much of a huge need for someone to show up only for them to just sit around for a few weeks until they’re called onto set. (The majority of Better Call Saul’s cast don’t just live in Winnebagos all around New Mexico — they’ve got friends and family elsewhere that they are often spending time with.)

In a new post on his official Twitter, Patrick Fabian — otherwise known as Hamlin, confirmed that he is back in Albuquerque, meaning of course that we’re going to be seeing a considerable amount of this character over the course of at least the early part of season 5. Howard’s been a fascinating character in this world for a while — while so many other people on the show like Jimmy and Kim are sort of striving in order to find the next phase of their career, Howard’s already been there. He’s already found himself as a name partner and done what he can to make his life great.

Yet, Howard clearly has troubles — think in terms of the pain he felt after Chuck’s death and how he struggled with what Jimmy’s reaction was to it. Howard knew Chuck better than almost anyone, or at least a certain image of him that he saw in the office the majority of the time that he was around.

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So where does Howard’s story end within the context of this show? We don’t think that it’s out of the realm of possibility that Jimmy, as Saul, does something to severely damage Howard’s career. In turn, we also think that it’s equally possible that whatever happens here is going to be something that pushes Kim away from Jimmy. Whatever Howard’s future role on the show may be, it most likely is related to Jimmy and the work that he is currently doing. Otherwise, there’s less of a reason to see him around given that Jimmy and Kim are both on different career paths and with Chuck gone, they don’t have all that much of a reason to directly run into him.

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