Supernatural season 15: The quest to find Sam & Dean’s final boss

Supernatural season 13 premiere photoWe’re entering some uncharted, emotional waters in Supernatural season 15. Never before have we entered the season with the dark feeling in the pit of our stomach that the story is coming to a close. It’s difficult — we’ve written about this before, but we almost felt like Supernatural was as immortal as some of its characters. If there is really a House Greyjoy of TV shows, this is it. What is dead may never die.

Yet, here we are, facing this show’s afterlife ironically at the same time when the writers are asking so many questions in the same vein. Everything is crumbling based on the bat-poo-crazy season 14 finale — Jack seems to be in the Empty, God’s decided that he no longer wants to toy with the Winchesters, and so many demons and nefarious creatures now seem to be back, walking the earth again. Are we now entering a universe where God’s plan is now gone? Is He just abandoning the project that was this Earth? There’s anarchy, and then there’s apocalyptic anarchy … but we’re also not entirely sold as of yet that this will be the Supernatural world forever.

Think of things this way, and relate them back to some other past twists that we’ve seen on this show. How many finale cliffhangers have proven to be essential to the narrative for almost all of the upcoming season? Even with this past one, Michael fluttered in and out throughout the story, and really only inhabited Dean for a small percentage of the season. There’s no reason to think that every season 15 episode will be God’s metaphorical hellfire and the Winchesters with Castiel roping up some villains that they’ve taken on before.

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What we do want to preview within this feature is simply this: At the end of this story, who is the real Big Bad? Who is the final boss? Who’s the last person the boys gotta contend with? Since the writers know about the final season in advance, they’ve got time to conjure up something great. They have a chance in order to figure out the best way for them to move forward and make the end of Supernatural a proper tribute to these characters, and of course also the fans who made it through the entirety of this journey.

1. Chuck/God – This is the obvious first answer, as bonkers as it would be for the Winchesters to battle the Creator at the end of this show. It seems as though he is the adversary now, though, given that he is the one who unleashed the chaos and unless Amara somehow enters the picture, it’s hard to know who else can really interfere on his level. This DOES represent the show upping the ante, but is fighting to defeat God really the best way to end the series? That’s up for debate.

2. The Empty – This is probably the final boss above the final boss, given the history of The Empty and its role within this world. Yet, this doesn’t take away from the fact that it is not exactly the most charismatic villain in the world and visually, its name speaks for itself. How would the Winchesters really even fight it? Maybe you look towards the Shadow, but that’s all you’ve really got.

3. Something bigger and more unknown – Is there a creator still for The Empty? Is there a God beyond a God? The show could almost be a nesting doll where one world lies inside another lies inside another, but there’s a certain degree of danger that comes from continually trying to up the ante and present higher and higher stakes/crazier and crazier worlds. Eventually, you will land yourself in a position where you’re just making things confusing and also trying to just chase your own tail.

4. Something smaller, and actually personal – We’ve said for some time that the true joy of Supernatural comes from watching Sam and Dean fight monsters. That’s the DNA of this show that we enjoy and the sort of episodes we appreciate the most. We don’t need enormous stakes in the second half of the final season. Just give us a story about a threat the two brothers are facing on Earth and what they’re doing in order to stop it. If that happens and the ending is satisfying, we’re going to leave this show happy.

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At its core, Supernatural is about two brothers and the burden they share to protect their world. They’ve made friends along the way (including an especially fantastic angel) and also sacrificed a lot. We don’t think that they could have a normal life if they tried. We’ve come so far on this journey that we want to see it through … we just hope that what we do see closing out this show is the final boss that moves you, one that feels like an enormous threat but one where you are invested in every single darn second of the final battle.

Who, or what, do you want to see Sam and Dean battling at the end of Supernatural? What do you think the ending should look like? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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