Blue Bloods season 9 finale: More on what makes wedding special

Blue Bloods season 9

We don’t think that there is a whole lot more we can tell you about the upcoming Blue Bloods season 9 finale, at least in terms of what’s coming up story-wise. You know that Jamie and Eddie’s wedding is coming, it’s going to be romantic, and there is probably going to still be drama with a number of other characters. Just because it’s your wedding day does not mean that the world stops and everyone gives you precisely whatever it is that you want. Weddings have a way of bringing out some of the most emotional situations which makes sense since weddings are emotional, but can’t some of the harder ones be saved for another time?

So beyond the obvious (getting to see these two tie the knot!), what else is going to make this particular occasion special? A lot of that seemingly has to do with some of the additional bells and whistles that production is throwing into the ceremony in order to try to make this one of the most special events that they can. Speaking via TVInsider Will Estes notes that there were more than 400 people in attendance for the big day — sure, a lot of them may have just been extras, but it’d be cool if there were a few crew members and other people long associated with the show in there. This wedding is a celebration of all things Jamie and Eddie, but it’s also a celebration of the show itself! It’s taken a long time for the cast and crew to make it to this point and other than maybe a milestone episode like the 300th, this is really the only opportunity that they’re going to get in order to do something like this on such a grand scale.

Meanwhile, Ray noted that there was only one request that she made for the wedding, and that was that her new partner could be there in attendance. Given that we haven’t actually seen too many of Eddie’s friendships within the show, that makes a certain degree of sense.

Will Frank walk Eddie down the aisle?

It’s understandable that this would be considered, given that Eddie’s father is in prison and we know how much the Reagans are traditionalists. Yet, Eddie’s the sort of person who often bucks at tradition and may opt to do her own thing that doesn’t tie into what some would expect of her. Tom Selleck played coy on the subject to the aforementioned site, noting that “Eddie’s very independent — and Frank hasn’t been asked.” It could happen since Selleck may have just been speaking of where the show is in airing now as opposed to on finale night. We just wouldn’t expect it.

The Blue Bloods wedding is arriving on Friday, May 10 — remember along the way that there is a new episode coming tonight, and we’ll here to cover it!

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