Is Alexander Calvert leaving Supernatural after season 14 finale?

Supernatural season 13 posterFor tonight’s Supernatural season 14 finale, there was a lot that we had a chance to learn. Take, for example, the idea of a world that is “all squirrels.” Also, that God has a habit of … well, playing God.

Rob Benedict made his big return to the show tonight as Chuck, and carried with him some power to alter the course of … well, everything. There’s a big problem here by the name of Jack, and Sam and Dean are struggling in order to figure out the proper way to handle this situation. How much do you believe in Jack? Think of this as one of the finale’s fundamental questions since, frankly, not everyone did believe in Jack. Sam and Dean, for example, seemed far less willing to go along with some of what he was saying. Castiel did everything that he could in order to try and help him, but it seemed to be to no real prevail.

At around the 45-minute mark of the episode it felt pretty clear what was going to be happening — the death of Jack, and at the hands of Dean who realized that his wicked ways were not going to be redeemed. Yet, Dean couldn’t find it within himself to pull the trigger. This made Chuck pretty darn angry, who then proclaimed that this was all about “the story” — this was meant to be the story of Abraham and Isaac. Sam and Dean seemed to figure out that the entire story of their lives were a construct of God.

At one point, Chuck even tried to bribe the boys into picking up the gun and killing Jack, claiming that this would end up bringing Mary back. That still wasn’t enough to get them to do it. Dean eventually told God to go to hell, and soon after that, God basically just decided to kill Chuck himself.

What happens next?

Well, apparently trying to kill Chuck has dramatic repercussions. It bounced off him and landing right back onto Sam, and moments later, Chuck declared that the story was “over” and that they were at “The End.” We wondered if Jack was gone as a result of that; it seems like he’s off in the Empty. As for Alexander Calvert’s future, it’s fair to wonder about it. We think that there may be a way to somehow bring him back still. (As of right now, the writers aren’t commenting one way or another.)

In the closing seconds, God chose to make a big move — basically, bringing the dead back to life. If the story that he wrote is now over, he gets a chance to re-shape the world into whatever he wants it to be.

What a crazy, chaotic finale this was — and above all else, it certainly sets the stage for one of the most exciting (and insane) final seasons of any show out there.

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