Animal Kingdom season 4 trailer: Is J ready to be in charge?

Animal Kingdom season 3Leading up to the launch of Animal Kingdom season 4 on TNT next month, the network has officially unveiled its latest trailer. It’s one that is about leadership, about family, and about a real jockeying to see who can acquire the most power and also keep it. Tensions are rising, and at some point with this series we may see Smurf and J actually go after each other in a way that feels harsher than a Cold War. They’re being icy right now, but when is a flame going to catch?

Moving into the new season, the objective for the Cody Boys is the same as it’s always been — trying to find quality jobs, and then use those in order to gather as much money as possible. In the past, Smurf’s been a key component of those, whether it be finding them or planning it. Now, with J starting to develop some more criminal mastermind skills, he’s a little more inclined to just leave her out of it altogether. He’s okay to just continue to do what he’s doing and if she gets mad, she gets mad.

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As you see at the end of this trailer, Smurf’s not all that happy about this. She demands to be kept in the loop, and even some of the other Codys do have some concerns about J trying to run the show. They don’t seem to doubt his effectiveness running jobs, but finding them is a different story. While Smurf may not be the most likable person in the world, and clearly these guys aren’t in love with the idea of being under her thumb, she does bring value as an orchestrator. When you’re out actually committing heists, it’s a little bit harder to plan them. The best-case scenario is having someone who can run point and isn’t out in the field … but then you gotta pay that person. Greed runs amok in this world as we’ve seen time and time again.

While the power dynamics for this season may be different, thematically this show is very much the same as it’s always been. It’s about survival of the fittest, and the most powerful at any given moment trying to eat the others. We’re not sure that anyone in this show is a particularly good person, and yet it’s still fun to watch. The question we really find ourselves wondering is how a show like this can end? Is there really a way for this story to conclude where any of these people are alive or out of prison? Is redemption for robbers, thieves, and killers really possible? This is the Breaking Bad dilemma — you may enjoy watching Walter White’s journey, but sooner or later consequences come into play. It’s mostly a matter of when.

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