Lucifer season 4 trailer: Will Eve’s presence tear Lucifer, Chloe apart?

LuciferThe Lucifer season 4 trailer has finally arrived, and judging from what we’re seeing here (and you can check it out yourself below), there is potential for a lot of craziness coming up this season.

By and large, this is a trailer that is themed around one simple question: Who is Lucifer Morningstar really? Is he the devil, the person responsible for spreading so much chaos in the world? Or, is he someone different now? Have the past few years with him on Earth really changed him?

At the start of the trailer, you can see Tom Ellis’ character clearly reeling from what just transpired with Chloe seeing his devil face for the first time. She seems to be struggling with the idea of it, and whether or not she can ever see him the same way that she did before. Sure, she had heard him say that he was the devil before, but it’s a little bit different when you actually see the Devil Face and everything that’s been around you suddenly starts to feel a little bit more real. It’s harder to digest the truth — especially when it’s this truth. The idea of it is going to be hard for her but, when the dust settles, we do think that Chloe is going to come around more to the idea that she knows who he is now rather then what the long time perception of the devil is in people’s minds from literature. She’s seen it, and Lucifer’s not the sort to have masked his true nature for the better part of the past several years.

So how does Eve fit into everything here? Well, Inbar Lavi’s character seems to be the stick of dynamite that is exploding everything in all directions this season. She’s coming into Lucifer’s life at a time when he’s having somewhat of an identity crisis, and she pushes him closer to the notion that there was nothing wrong with him the way that he was. She accepts him as Lucifer and seems to be totally cool with the idea of him as the Devil — this could lead to him accepting that and embracing some of his inner devil more than ever. There’s a delicious sort of irony in this trailer that Eve — known for giving into temptation — is the person seemingly responsible for tempting Lucifer.

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Through season 4, Lucifer is going to have to figure out precisely who he wants to be — does he want to fall in line with who he once was with Eve, or does he want to move more in the direction of who he has been with Chloe. Do you embrace the devil face, or just try and live as a more balanced human being who is both capable of good and bad? This season will be dark, funny, potentially romantic, and all sorts of crazy. There are only ten episodes to season 4, but you better believe that all of these episodes will be jam-packed.

What do you think about the Lucifer season 4 trailer, and after seeing it, do you find yourself geeked-up more than ever to see what’s coming up? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! (Photo: Netflix.)

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