Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 10 review: Revenge … but for whom?


Tonight, Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 10 kicked off with options — or, at the very least options for Ron. Following the big blindside of Kelley Wentworth, he went back to Julie and re-cemented the alliance that he had with her. Meanwhile, he also had a chance to work a little bit with Devens and Wardog, who had an interesting proposal — all of them work together. The three of them are all enormous threats and because of that, they’re probably going to be picked off one right after the next by the remainder of the players.

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Ron, interestingly, had a lot of time in order to figure out what’s going on following what happened at the Reward Challenge. He, Gavin, Aurora, and Victoria all lost, and after that happened, we got a good sense that most of them wanted Rick Devens out of the game. Ron also gave Aurora back her extra vote, which was a classy move for the sake of his game. Then, Ron fought with Aurora with the rice, which ended up squandering most of the goodwill that he previously had.

While all of this happened, Wardog, Devens, Lauren, and Julie all got a chance to chill at a mudbath — where we also got the experience of Devins and Wardog rubbing mud all over each other. This was fun at first, but soon after that, the women started whispering about taking Rick out of the game.

No matter how you choose to look at it, the thing that felt fairly clear entering the immunity challenge was that Rick was in trouble. He needed to win another necklace unless of course all of the “target Devens” conversation was intentional misdirection. Luckily, this was a challenge that he could win in theory … and he did! Devens won, and then unleashed an epic “La Cheeserie” that suggests that he’s been listening to The Tony Kornheiser Show for a long time.

Now, let’s get to that decision

After Devens got immunity the question became who was the best target between Aurora and Wardog. In the case of the former, you have someone who has an ability to win challenges but is also an “easy vote” to get people on the same page to target. Meanwhile, in the latter, you have the biggest strategic threat in the game. The problem with eradicating him from the game is that you put yourself in a position where you are exposed.

What’s also interesting here is that nobody seems to be looking for immunity idols … mostly since a lot of these people seem to think that the advantages are at Extinction. At Tribal, it was clear from the get-go that Wardog was a target — Gavin was quick to throw him under the bus. No shock there, given that Gavin’s wanted him gone for a while. The conversation quickly became about threats — Wardog is a threat, but so is Ron. You could even argue that Gavin is a threat since he’s out there, dishing truth-bombs and nobody’s really going after them.

If we were in this game, we’d probably get rid of Aurora over Wardog — mostly because we’d hide behind Wardog’s target for at least one more vote. Final seven is a perfect chance to get rid of him, though there is a risk there if Ron and Julie decided to work with Wardog and Devens. If you get rid of Wardog too soon, then you may not make it to the end. You could be next.

We didn’t have a particularly clear sense as to where the vote was going between the two, mostly because the edit between the two felt fairly even. In the end, though, Wardog was the one who found himself heading over to Extinction, much to the tremendous enjoyment of Kelley Wentworth over on the jury. Revenge has been granted for the blindside!

For a little more insight on what’s next on Survivor…

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