Big Brother Canada 7 live feed spoilers: Double Eviction preview

Big Brother Canada 7Tonight in the Big Brother Canada 7 house, we’re seeing some ideas being bounced around … though the first eviction tomorrow seems secure.

Despite Head of Household Adam trying to keep up appearances this week and act as though Mark is going to be leaving the game, the Pretty Boys are obviously keeping him for now. Estefania is going, and the biggest thing that Dane runs the risk of his burning an alliance/sort-of-showmance by cutting her without really telling her about it in advance. He’s known about this plan all week; as a matter of fact, a lot of the Pretty Boys have worked to try and convince Damien to vote her out, as well! We’re not sure that this is working, and this is all going to come back hard on Dane if she finds out about it.

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You can easily make an argument that Dane has played a fiercely competitive game throughout this season, but at the same time, he obviously doesn’t have a friend in the jury in Sam. Meanwhile, Cory’s not thrilled with him, either, though she may toss him a vote before she gives one to Adam. If Este goes to jury Thursday and then Damien goes second in the Double Eviction, that’s BAD news for Dane. He can rat Dane out for some of the campaigns at the moment and also turn her against him. We’re starting to think that Dane could have some trouble winning at the end of all this.

Meanwhile, at least Este is trying to campaign a little bit tonight, making it clear that she does want to stay over Mark … though she won’t. She hasn’t been competitive enough throughout the season and we’re now at a point where the numbers just aren’t there anymore. Unless the Pretty Boys fall apart, there’s no way to make that happen.

Are the Pretty Boys falling apart anyway?

Well, today we did see a conversation where both Mark and Anthony debated taking out either Adam or Dane if there is a Double Eviction coming. Mark prefers getting rid of Dane, while Anthony would prefer targeting Adam since he thinks that Dane would be easier to get rid of at the end of the game.

Because Anthony and Mark have a little bit more foresight in the game at the moment, they may actually be in a better spot than Adam and Dane. Also, Adam can’t play in the next Head of Household and he’s such a physical threat that he really should be a target for a lot of people moving forward this season.

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