‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ reunion: Yes, it’s being stretched out further

Is the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” even close to ending yet? In some ways to us, it really felt like Sunday night’s episode could have been the end for the season; however, Bravo is instead going to milk Teresa Giudice for just about every ounce of the drama that they possibly can. No other network would manage to make a reunion show go on for almost a full month; but then again, Bravo is no ordinary network.

So what in full can we expect to see come next? On Sunday night, we are going to have an episode that consists mostly of social media content. We’re not really sure what that means, but our guess is that it is going to feel like one of those old VH1 “pop-up video” specials. In following that up, we are going to get the third part of the reunion show finally on October 21, and it will be a part of a two-hour programming block that also includes some lost footage from the season. Basically, Andy Cohen is putting on the air everything that would be on a DVD boxed set for just about any other show.

Really, we understand why some would want to criticize the show for really just drawing things out as long as humanly possible. At the same time, though, we understand it. Cohen wants to keep people at the network until both the Atlanta and Beverly Hills series return in November, and he’s smart enough to know that the promotion caused from the Miami show along is not going to be enough to make that happen.

You can check out a new sneak peek from the reunion below, and don’t be surprised that it (shocker) contains much more in the way of fighting. Do you really think that this reunion needs to be three parts? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and we also have more on part two over at the link here.

Photo: Bravo

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