Could Being Mary Jane season 5, or another movie, happen eventually?

Being Mary Jane

While tonight may be the series finale event over on BET, is this really going to be the end of the road for Being Mary Jane? Is there a chance for a proper season 5, or at least some other movie coming down the road?

Before even taking on these questions, it’s fair to at least raise them! Being Mary Jane is a landmark series for its network, one that brought tremendous ratings for many years. Really, the only thing that’s worked against it are some long hiatuses. When shows take long breaks, it’s hard for audiences to rediscover them. Viewing habits change, and the same goes for audience sentiments. While someone may watch a show like Being Mary Jane live at one point, it may be a DVR show a good year or two down the road.

Even tonight’s movie is airing after what is a pretty-incredible delay. The last new episode of the show aired all the way back in the fall of 2017, and it’s been a good year and a half since then. With that sort of delay, it’s hard to have optimism for any more of the show — also, did we mention that this is the series finale tonight?

Well, the most important thing following tonight is to not expect anything else from this show or these characters. Sometimes, it’s better for the end to be the end for the sake of getting actual closure. It’s not something that many other shows get, so when it actually happens, it should be a cause for celebration. Being Mary Jane got four seasons plus a movie to say goodbye! Think about how many other shows actually manage to score all of that — it’s not that many.

In the end, though, we would say this — never say never. Maybe it won’t be a traditional continuation of this brand, but you never know what could happen a couple of years down the road. We’re seeing shows come back on the air these days like Will & Grace and Murphy Brown that were gone for an incredibly long period of time and with that in mind, you have to think that almost anything is possible. We could still technically see a situation in which Being Mary Jane comes back, or at least another show does that is set within its world. We’re not expecting it, but anything can happen once time passes and a network realizes that they had a pretty good thing way back when.

A good example of having a never-say-never mantra right now with TV shows is Sharp Objects. Despite it seeming for most of last year that the HBO limited series was going to avoid a season 2 at all costs, we’ve since heard from executive producer Marti Noxon that it’s something that she’d at least be open to doing. That doesn’t mean it will happen, but it’s an example of how nothing is ever 100% stable.

What do you think — would you ever like to see more Being Mary Jane, or at least some sort of spin-off? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: BET.)

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