Is NCIS new tonight on CBS? Preparing for season 16 episode 21

NCISIs NCIS new tonight on CBS? With all of the information and teases that are already out there for some of what is coming up next, there’s obviously going to be a thirst for more. Think along the lines of the secret government bank account, something that has proven itself to be an enormous part of the narrative this season. Or, think a little bit about what’s going on with the Ziva storyline, which could either be a big part of the final episodes or saved for some other point down the road. We don’t really think that there is anywhere near as much of a sense of urgency for that, so the writers can do more or less whatever they want with that.

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Unfortunately, you’re not going to see any of this stuff play out tonight, mostly because there is no NCIS on the air. It’s a bit of an unusual situation tonight in that typically, we get a new episode of NCIS on the same night that we also have one of the New Orleans spin-off, but that’s not happening this time around. Why is that? The simplest answer is that CBS is doing some scheduling wizardry, and they want to use the NCIS finale later on this spring to launch the new show Blood & Treasure — because of that, something else had to be bumped up and in this case, it was NCIS: New Orleans. It coming on the air tonight is actually the anomaly more so than NCIS not airing.

So what will you see when we get a chance to see the show again on CBS? When NCIS is back next week it will be with an episode entitled “Judge, Jury…” that you can read a little bit more about over at the link here. If you’re wondering why the title trails off like that, it’s because this is one half of a two-part episode. The other part of this is entitled “…And Executioner,” and that is coming up on CBS in May.

Collectively, these two parts are going to lead into some big, important stuff when it comes to the government bank account as we’re going to have a shot to learn more of what it means to the government, and if there is some sort of threat that it is presenting itself to be when it comes to NCIS itself. There’s also going to be a big storyline for McGee as he will have to question whether or not he is going to leave the team to take on a lucrative gig in Silicon Valley. Obviously, we don’t want the guy to leave, but it makes sense for him to be raising that question for his future — just remember that Tim’s been a loyal part of NCIS, but he’s also got a young family. Trying to live in the greater Washington DC area on a government salary isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world!

What do you most want to see when it comes to NCIS season 16 episode 21 when it’s back, and are you bummed out that the show is not on the air tonight? Be sure to let us know more thoughts in the comments, and check back soon for more. (Photo: CBS.)

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