Chicago Med season 4 episode 19 review: Goodwin’s painful decision

GoodwinWe know that Sharon Goodwin knows how to make important choices on Chicago Medbut rarely is she in the position of determining who lives and who dies quite like we saw her tonight.

Sharon, (due mostly to her own tendency to try and be helpful and keep the peace at the hospital) ended up being the only person capable of stopping a hostage situation from getting so much worse. It all began with a teenage mother getting set to give her baby up for adoption once it was born. Soon after that, her old boyfriend David turned up so that he could see his baby and try to start a life with them. When security was called and he was sent away, he came back with a gun and a desire to get whatever he wanted at any cost. He shot the baby’s grandfather and a security officer before putting all of the hospital into a worse-case scenario. Basically, the entirety of this episode was themed around trying to determine whether or not anyone else was going to die, and that included the other patients in need of treatment.

Oh, and one of the other patients just so happened to be Connor’s father, whose life was in jeopardy after he initially tried to refuse to be at the hospital. He had to figure out a way to get both his father and the pregnant woman’s father up to surgery, and that’s what led to a tenuous negotiation — one of many throughout the episode. When Goodwin was brought in to be basically the eyes and ears of the operation, she had to figure out how to walk a careful line. She needed to be attentive enough so that David would listen to her and trust her, while also understanding that she had a hospital to protect at all costs.

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Through the entirety of the story, Goodwin knew that there was one way that she could ensure that nothing would happen to anyone else — she had to bring David to a kill spot where the SWAT team would have a clean shot at him. For most of the episode, she refused, thinking that there had to be a more peaceful way to resolve the conflict. She basically refused until there was no longer way for her to do so. After the baby was born and he tried to run away with the baby, Goodwin grabbed the newborn and lured him into the spot. The shot was fired, and Sharon now has this death on her hands. Yet, she also has the lives of so many others that she saved. She recognized in that moment that unless she were to act quickly, the other doctors could be jeopardized, let alone the health of the baby. She may have to live with this, but she did what she thought was right.

The aftermath

Connor’s father is going to be okay, but the big surprise for Connor was learning precisely who was responsible for saving his life: Ava. She performed the surgery on Cornelius while he was doing the emergency C-section with David demanding everything happen fast. Connor and Ava still aren’t good terms, and while we do think that this relationship between the two of them is in some seriously dark places, this is at least a small win that shows that Ava can still at least help him when the chips are down. We’re not sure what else this means for the future, but there’s at least that stepping stone.

Meanwhile, April’s patient (a young boy) ended up being okay thanks to Ethan guiding her through a tough procedure, and Natalie thanked Will for staying inside during the hostage situation, even though he easily could have escaped the hospital had he really wanted to earlier on. That’s where she got an inkling of the new bond between him and Ingrid — we’re not sure if this will last, but the Chicago Med relationship carousel just keeps spinning.

CarterMatt Verdict

S. Epatha Merkerson killed it tonight, as the bulk of this episode featured Goodwin doing most of what she does best and making sure that Chicago Med continued to have a hospital staff for down the road. While we’ve seen a number of medical shows before with a hostage crisis in the ER, this one felt a little bit different. It was bloody, painful, and incredibly unstable because the shooter was acting on pure emotion. Because he was so inexperienced, it created a sense of anyone-could-die peril that glued you to your seat … even if you probably felt like most characters would get out okay.

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