The Resident season 2 episode 21 review: Nic & Jessie’s kidney crisis

The Resident season 2Tonight on The Resident season 2 episode 21, there are a few things that we’ve come to learn. Take, for example, just how scummy Nic and Jessie’s father Kyle is.

There’s nothing that this character likes more than masking himself under a series of lies. He wants to look like a good father but, at the same time, he’s got some demons underneath the surface. This showed itself when he acted like he was turned down as a kidney donor for Jessie when, in reality, he was a possibility. That devastated Nic, who was still going through the process of determining whether or not she was an option for her. That scene between Emily VanCamp and Corbin Bernsen at the end of the hour was incredible, and really some of the best work we’ve seen from either of them in their career.

Meanwhile, for some of the other doctors tonight, there was a different crisis — a bloody one. Chastain was running out of blood and that was a challenge given that Mina and The Raptor still had a surgery that they were trying to complete in a difficult environment. They were running out of options and soon after that, they found one in an unusual source: Conrad. As it turns out, he is a universal donor and he was able to step in and donate some of his blood in the midst of a complicated situation. This was not the doctors following the letter of the law; yet, it was the only way to save a life.

We also learned a surprising amount about AJ’s backstory over this episode, as it turns out that he had uncovered his birth parents … and that they were actually in Atlanta, married, and with other kids. They were successful in the field of medicine, and they only gave him because they didn’t think that they could handle a kid at that point in their lives. AJ’s not one to open up all that much, but he and Mina shared a nice moment after the admittance … even if he tried to blame it on him doing surgery in a hyperbolic chamber.

Dr. Bell’s awkward patient

This was somewhat unexpected! Randolph’s ex, otherwise known as his assistant’s mother, ended up turning up at the hospital. Kit eventually was responsible for treating her and, soon after that, she discovered that her ex-husband had given her gonorrhea. We don’t think we have to tell you how all of this played out — it was uncomfortable, but also still humorous.

Despite the awkwardness that was here, there was a certain sweetness at the end as his assistant reminded him that he was actually a good person — he was, after all, giving his own blood for the sake of others. Bell has his knight-in-shining-armor moments … just not a lot of them. Bell has a lot of will-they-or-won’t-they moment these days with Kit, and we think that he wants to be with her. That’s what he was saying with his “I’m here for you” remark at the end of the hour.

The end of the episode

After everything that Nic went through tonight, she received a knock on her door from Alec, who came bearing one question: “How far are you willing to go to save your sister’s life?”

CarterMatt Verdict

As we said, the most powerful stuff from tonight’s The Resident came courtesy of VanCamp and Bernsen, but that’s not to say that Malcolm-Jamal Warner should be forgotten here either. Great performances set the foundation for what was, overall, an intense look at varying relationships and the things that make us all vulnerable.

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