The Neighborhood season 2 premiere date hopes on CBS

The Neighborhood season 2Following tonight’s finale, do you want to get some more debate in regards to The Neighborhood season 2 at CBS? We’ve got that for you within, including some of the first premiere-date discussion.

Let’s start things off here with a reminder that The Neighborhood is, in fact, going to be back for another batch of episodes on the network. Why do we know that? Well, it all comes back to the fact that it was renewed a little bit earlier this year! CBS has shown some fate in the Cedric the Entertainer comedy already, and to date, it’s averaged a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic — while this isn’t necessarily the sort of runaway success that some at the network may have been hoping for, it’s also easily better than many other shows that they have. There is some room for growth here over time, especially if this show continues to look at some topical subject matter as we move forward.

One other reason to think that The Neighborhood is evolving into a CBS staple moving forward is quite simple: The network needs its next hit comedy. The Big Bang Theory is done next month — they may still have Young Sheldon, but how it fares without the flagship show still around is an enormous question mark. The same goes if it ever gets a spin-off that’s set in the same timeline. CBS can’t rely on this particular band of geeks to give them big ratings moving forward and they need to find some other ways to bring in viewers. This is a show that could serve as a viable option. It does have well-known actors, but it needs to find a way to get viewers who aren’t already watching.

So when will The Neighborhood season 2 actually premiere? Unless there’s some dramatic news that comes out over the next few months, either early October or late September is the best guess. This is the window that makes the most sense if you are CBS and want to get the comedy off to a great start. The only question we have is whether you continue to air it on Mondays, or move the show over to Thursdays to try to bolster up that lineup with The Big Bang Theory out of the picture. There is a universe where the network narrows done its comedy lineup to just two hours a week, but that’s a decision that will be made next week at upfronts.

At least if you like The Neighborhood, you don’t have anything to worry about. You can breathe easy and just prepare to enjoy some of the comedy that is going to be coming up down the road.

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When do you want to see The Neighborhood season 2 premiere on CBS? Be sure to share more thoughts in the comments, and we will be back soon for more. (Photo: CBS.)

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