Big Brother Canada 7 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 52)

Adam Pike
The latest Power of Veto Ceremony is over within the Big Brother Canada 7 house, and we’ve got a pretty clear sense of where things are going to be for the rest of the week.

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Ultimately, Damien of course decided to Veto himself from the block, which means that Este is now up with replacement nominee Mark and one of them is going to be heading off to jury … though it’s almost sure to be Estefania. Because it would take three votes to evict Mark (remember that Adam holds the tiebreaker, and he’s given us no indication that he wants to break up the Pretty Boys right now), you would need Kyra, Damien, and Dane to make a move to get rid of him. Maybe Kyra and Damien vote to evict Mark, but even then it’s a 2-2 split and Adam will break the tie and keep him. Really, this is the week where it’s going to be hard to deny the Pretty Boys’ existence, but maybe these guys think that they won’t really need to pretend anymore thinking that a big eviction is coming.

There IS a double eviction coming a little bit later this week and with that, it’s possible that on the other side of this, we’re going to be left in a situation where we really just have the Pretty Boys and then Kyra. The one thing that could shake that up is in the event that Damien or Kyra win the Double Eviction HoH and then use that to take a shot and try to change things up a little bit; Damien is the x-factor there since he is so unpredictable, but the thing is that you can say the same thing about that particular competition. It’s hard to really imagine how things are going to shake out there or with the Veto this far in advance.

Estefania’s last stand…

Well, it’s probably not going to be anything. She seems like a very nice person, but we haven’t seen a whole lot to suggest that she has a killer instinct for this game or that she’s going to be able to come out and drop some enormous move that sends shockwaves through the house. If that’s what you were expecting from her this week, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Anything technically can happen, but we’re not assuming that another advantage is going to pop up so soon after the last one did.

If you missed it…

Check out our eviction interview with Cory from last week over at the link here. Meanwhile, share now in the comments what you want to see in the game moving forward, coupled with some of your thoughts all about where you expect things to go entering the Double Eviction. (Photo: Global.)

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