Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Chiitan the Otter, Mueller Report

John OliverWe knew that the April 21 episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was going to have a lot to discuss, especially with the Mueller Report. What we got tonight, in turn, was a lengthy segment that was all about some of the results of the report, including some of the conclusions that were drawn from it.

So what was Oliver’s central thesis throughout the segment? It was mostly along the lines of the fact that Donald Trump seemed to want certain things done, but those close to him refused to do so. Basically, there was a lot of smoke, but it seems like individuals within the report are of interest just as much as Trump itself. There are also a number of mysteries still floating around out there, including the nature of all of the investigations that were handed down by Robert Mueller … and then also all of the segments that were redacted. Some of those were significant.

Do we think that this segment actually gave viewers a chance to learn just about anything when it comes to the Mueller Report? If you’ve been reading up over the past few days, probably not. How much you took from this report is probably based almost entirely on how much information you had beforehand.

For those of you who haven’t read up on the Mueller Report yet, maybe this segment was a little bit more informative. The humor was certainly here.

The other segment

We actually wondered at a certain point if the entire episode was going to be about the Mueller Report. However, the episode concluded with a profile on Japanese mascot Chiitan the Otter, who is currently generating headlines all over the world. He is the “unofficial” mascot of a small town — one that caused so much trouble that the town ended up firing a live animal mascot to cut themselves with the association.

What is actually weird about this segment is that we looked this up, and all of this originally got headlines months ago. Why profile him now on Last Week Tonight? A lot of it may have a thing or two to do with just timing. They knew that the Mueller Report segment was long, and that it was also going to have a ton of depressing content in it.

So with that, tonight’s episode ended watching someone in an otter costume commit violence in various strange videos. Chiitan is an internet superstar, and Oliver is right — this character is extremely funny.

At the end of the episodes, Oliver announced that he is replacing Chiitan with Chiijohn, his own mascot that he has already sent to Japan.

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