Madam Secretary season 5 finale review: Stevie, Blake, & Elizabeth’s choice

Madam SecretaryTonight, the Madam Secretary season 5 finale delivered at least a few assorted surprises, and we’re not just talking about Elizabeth herself.

Take, for example, the idea of Stevie and Blake kissing — who saw that coming entering the episode? The storyline started with him trying to vet and prepare her daughter for what was going to be coming for her during the campaign, and that led to the two of them having a drink, and that led to the two of them sharing a kiss. Afterwards, Blake panicked, but after disclosing the kiss, he was told to not spend all that much time worry about it. There were a lot of more important issues that had to be dealt with.

For Elizabeth, that meant wrestling with her resignation as Secretary of State while also trying to come to grips with an attack on Geneva. There were ties to a prominent white supremacist group at the center of it, and Elizabeth found herself soon after facing one of the largest challenges of her entire career. She needed to figure out a way in order to solve this problem, or at least make an effort to speak out against some dangerous policies that were sending Europe down a bad road. Then, she had to prepare for the next step … if she was able to keep her current plan.

Ultimately, the battle tonight seemed to be political in America given that a Kentucky Senator in Owen Callister was looking to run for President, and his campaign manager was looking to solicit funds and information from Russia. Callister ended up having to suspend the campaign, though he did so while blaming Dalton for supposedly influencing the upcoming election.

Elizabeth’s decision

Did she really want to run for President anymore? That’s a subject that came up after she recognized just how nasty and ugly the political world was … and she wasn’t 100% sure if it was something that she even wanted anymore.

Near the end of the episode, Elizabeth decided that she didn’t want to resign from he post because of the current state of the world. She was worried that running for President would be abdicating the duty that she did have, but Dalton wouldn’t quite let her resign. Instead, he reminded her that this was his fight, and the future of the nation’s fight would be tomorrow. That’s where she would be needed.

Instead, in the closing minutes Elizabeth turned up in order to announce her candidacy for President. She made it clear that she was ready to take on the responsibility of this role and be the best person that she can for the country. This is the beginning of what season 6 could look like — Elizabeth working to become President McCord. We just have to wait and see if it’s something that actually happens.

The status of Blake and Stevie…

For now, they’re just friends. That’s fine, but we don’t think that this story is over…

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we’d say that this Madam Secretary episode brought what we were wanting for the final episode — significant movement for many characters beyond just Elizabeth, and then also an idea of where season 6 could be going.

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What did you think about the Madam Secretary season 5 finale overall, and what part stood out to you? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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