911 season 2 episode 15 video: Hen’s stuck in a vault!

911 season 2Coming up on Fox Monday night, 911 season 2 episode 15 may make you a little bit antsy — and for good reason! This is Dramatic with an obvious capital D since you’ve got a beloved character in Hen in a certain degree of danger — just not the kind you’re used to seeing on a show like this.

Firefighters and paramedics are trained to try and help people virtually no matter where they are, whether it be a burning building, a car accident, or in this case, a bank. This episode starts as a going-away party for a bank manager and at some point along the way, it may lead to a robbery and/or someone having a medical emergency. This is going to lead to Hen finding herself within the fault to check on somebody … and then that’s gonna lead to the vault closing in on them because of course, that is going to be the thing that happens here!

This episode should prove itself to be an incredible episode for Aisha Hinds’ character, as she has to find a way to deal with all of the pain and struggle that comes with being locked in there. There are so many dangers that come with this, both physical and psychological, and this probably explains further why the title for this episode is “Ocean’s 9-1-1.” This is a reference to the Ocean’s 11 movies featuring characters doing everything that they can in order to bust some people out of tight spots. For those movies, we see people have a lot of fun while doing it. However, within this show, there’s probably going to be so much more of a sense of desperation.

Could Hen actually die at the end of this? We do have to consider that at least a slight possibility … even if it’s one we’re probably trying to downplay in our episode. For starters, we’ve seen a lot of near-death situations play out on 9-1-1 this season already. If the show isn’t going to kill off the Chimney character following what we saw a little bit earlier this season, we have a hard time imagining that they’re going to do anything different here.

So, for now, just sit back and watch this entire crazy sequence of events play out. Sure, your heart will pound throughout, but we’ve come to learn something about these first responders — they act quickly! Beyond that, they have a tendency to move even faster when one of their own is on the line. We love the Hen character (and Hinds’ performance in the role); we know all of the other first responders feel the same and will do what they can in order to help.

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