Outlander season 5: What should first Roger/Bree photo look like?

Roger and BreeIf you love Outlanderthis past week’s certainly been a little more fruitful than most. After all, we’ve had a chance to check out a first-look photo featuring Jamie and Claire! That was an exciting reveal by Starz, especially since it came about a little bit earlier than we even expected. Given that this new season is probably not coming on the air until next year, let’s be honest here — Starz does not have to feel really any hurry to do anything. They can move the story forward at their own pace, and really deliver whatever sort of stuff that they want!

So while we don’t want to be greedy, that is not stopping us from starting to look ahead towards the next big potential question: When could we get a first-look photo of Roger and Bree from season 6 and when we do, what will that look like?

The image above is clearly the most well-known photo that we’ve got for Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton from the end of season 4, and it gives you just a small taste of what their relationship could be like moving forward. There could be a wide array of happiness, and a chance to actually see these characters together and starting to push forward towards something that they haven’t quite had in a while. We’re all for the idea of seeing these two have an opportunity to spend real, quality time together … and that’s why we want to see a first-look photo of the two of them at Fraser’s Ridge, with their son, starting to figure out what is next.

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We want to see what normal life looks like for the two of them, and how they are adjusting to some of their new surroundings! Sometimes, you can tell a lot by a single photo and we certainly think that you could here — especially in terms of how Roger is doing after making it back to the site of where Jamie beat him to a pulp. Is he better? Is there any sort of trauma that exists somewhere in his head? That could give us some clues.

Obviously, there are some grand, romantic moments that Outlander could capture and we would certainly appreciate — take, for example, getting to see a proper sort of wedding ceremony for these two characters. Yet, to us, true romance and happiness come more via the day-to-day. Roger and Bree have had some wonderful individual moments together; what they have not had is the simplistic beauty of continued existence. That’s the hope moving into season 5 for the two of them, and that’s what we want to see a first-look photo of the two illuminate perhaps more so than anything else.

When should we expect it?

Probably not for a while. Now that Starz has released a photo of Jamie and Claire, they may wait weeks, or even months, before teeing up anything else.

What do you want to see in regards to Roger and Bree on Outlander season 5, and how do you want them to be promoted? Be sure to share below. (Photo: Starz.)

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