Chicago Fire season 7: How Antonio’s departure shapes Brett’s future

Chicago PD exclusive previewAt this point, the news is starting to work its way through the entire One Chicago community — Jon Seda, Colin Donnell, and Norma Kuhling are all leaving the One Chicago franchise. They’re sticking around presumably through the finale and that’s it.

The good news for Chicago Fire this time around is that pending some big jaw-dropper, it does feel like we’re going to see all of the major cast members from this current season back. Yet, this does not mean that there is zero impact of some of these departures, with Seda’s Antonio Dawson at the top of the list. Really, the impact here is two-fold. You could talk a little bit about him being such a tangible link to his sister Gabby Dawson, who was a foundational part of Chicago Fire until Monica Raymund’s departure. Or, you can talk about the relationship that he had with Sylvie Brett.

For the better part of the past couple of years, the Brett/Antonio relationship (otherwise known as “Brettonio”) has produced some of the most devoted fans within the entire One Chicago fandom. These are people who are constantly hungry for more, and the possibility of these characters spending more time together has long been a top subject of conversation at every single press tour we’ve been a part of. The problem has long remained the same in that because of filming schedules and the like, it’s been hard to make the cross-show relationship work. Now with Seda’s exit, it feels clearer than ever that the possibility of Brettonio becoming anything are pretty much nil.

Will Brett move on? Certainly so, and there’s already speculation as to who her next big love interest could potentially be. For her sake, we don’t think that there necessarily needs to be any reason to rush things along; instead, the best course of action for Sylvie is to just allow her to be happy and establish stability on her own before worrying so much about another love interest.

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Can we get a proper Brett/Antonio farewell?

Really, the only thing we want is some sort of scene where the two characters are in the same room together before Antonio leaves, just to give the two a little bit more closure. Maybe it happens on Chicago PD rather than Chicago Fire, but it would be at least a nice tip of the cap to all of the fans out there who love these characters. We recognize that it may not be possible, given that it’s not clear when Chicago PD and its creative team knew that Seda was leaving; though they may have had time to write in a possible farewell, they may not have had time to write in something as complicated as getting a cast member from another show to jump over.

If nothing else, we think the legacy of Brett and Antonio is that great things can come from rather unexpected places. What made these two so exciting was that nobody knew going into the storyline that the chemistry and the personality between the two that there was. One Chicago needs to continue to take these chances; it’s one of the best ways to get fantastic results. Even if Brettonio are not endgame, we’re glad that the storyline happened. It’s certainly better than the alternative.

Do you want any resolution to the Brett/Antonio storyline on Chicago Fire, or do you think we’ve got plenty as it is? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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