The Resident season 2 episode 21 video: Conrad gives his own blood

The Resident season 2Before The Resident season 2 episode 21 arrives on Fox tomorrow, the question you can ponder over is relatively simple: How much are these characters willing to do for the sake of saving the lives of those close to them? Maybe that means helping a loved one, or maybe that means treating your patients like they are your friends, your family.

For Dr. Conrad Hawkins, we know that he’s always tried to emphasize that his patients matter, and that everyone at Chastain matters. That’s why we feel like the incident involving Lea on this past episode wouldn’t have transpired if he was there at the center of it. On “Stuck as Foretold” Monday night, a blood shortage is going to course through Chastain and that is obviously a problem. Given that blood = life, there’s less that the hospital can do for patients in need of it unless they suddenly rush out there and kickoff a blood drive the likes of which the city of Atlanta has never seen before.

Conrad, meanwhile, doesn’t seem altogether willing to wait — instead, he seems to be more intent to just give his own blood if the situation calls for it. Why do this? Well, the easy theory here is that Conrad may be a universal donor or have blood that he recognizes if of a certain value. Or, he may just be completely out of his mind in desperation to save a patient who he certainly feels is worthy of this level of attention. We know that he cares, but does he care too much here? Is he going to give so much blood that he won’t be able to help other patients? It’s at least something to be marginally concerned over.

Then, there’s the Nic and Jessie situation. Alec may have an idea that could help her, but there’s still no guarantee that it will. We know already just how dire the character’s situation is — she needs a new kidney, but there’s no clear evidence if Nic can be a donor, at present, or if someone else close to her can. If not Nic, the best-case scenario may otherwise be the father, and we’re not entirely sure that this best-case scenario is really a good thing for anyone.

Could Alec disrupt Conrad and Nic’s relationship?

This seems to be a part of the narrative this season, and we consider it largely a case of “this thing could happen, even if there are very few people out there who actually want to see it.” It certainly puts Alec in a tough position as a character — he’s tossed into that situation where it’s hard to like him, mostly because he is impeding on a relationship that people are already so invested in. He’s doing good work of patients, but personally, he’s in a no-win situation if the storyline pushes him and Nic closer and closer together.

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