Shadowhunters season 3 episode 19 video: Better times for Malec

MalecIt’s always darkest before the dawn. If there is one mantra we are repeating to ourselves, time and time again, this is it entering Shadowhunters season 3 episode 19. This episode is going to be jam-packed full of emotion, especially since Magnus and Alec both are left in a position where they are haunted by their own memories.

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For Alec, what we have is a position where he feels like he’s done potentially the right thing; however, the consequences of doing this are greater than he could ever bear to admit. He thinks that the only way for Magnus to get his powers back is for him to make this devastating deal with Asmodeus, and what he is doing is a move of sacrifice. He’s willing to take everything that he loves and everything he is away in the event that it means that Magnus can get back much of what he wants.

Meanwhile, Magnus now wants nothing more than to forget the pain that is plaguing his brain every second of the day. From his perspective, he doesn’t know what’s happened. All he knows instead is that Alec broke up with him, and the one person he thought he always had in his corner is no longer interested. That makes every second of the day harder since you don’t know if you can find the motivation to be happy, or to recognize anything in your life outside of your own sadness.

We’re not going to lie to you — the flashback sequence in the sneak peek below is painful, since it serves as that ultimate reminder of how much these two love each other and, in turn, how they should not be separated for any length of time. Yet, we would also say that seeing this sort of preview serves as a rather great reminder that there is a future still for these characters and with a little bit of luck and some smart realizations, they are going to find their way back to each other. There are still a couple of episodes to go until we reach the big finale movie, so we’re not letting go of hope that some happy moments may still be coming up sooner rather than later. Keep burning that hope, and we will see you tomorrow night when we present our full review for what transpires. Maybe the love that you see within the sneak peek below is just a precursor for some other fantastic things that are coming up down the line.

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