Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 expectations: Jaime Lannister’s play

JaimeEntering Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 this weekend, what should we anticipate seeing? What should we be worried about?

The answer to the latter question is rather simple: We should be concerned over chaos in just about every direction. We are speaking here about a violent world, and violence does tend to beget more violence. There’s a battle brewing at Winterfell in between the Army of the Dead and (natch) the one of the alive, but before that, there are some politics to think of! That includes one Jaime Lannister, who is looking to present himself presumably in front of the Starks and everyone else in the North.

Jaime’s history at Winterfell is not the best — the ending of episode 1 alluded to that. Atoning for what happened with Bran is not going to be particularly easy, and beyond that, there is also the matter of trying to either establish some sort of rapport with Jon and Daenerys after all that has transpired. Is Jaime a man who has seen the light, or at least recognizes now that his sister courts little other than power? his arrival and presence in Winterfell could be what turns the wheel in this episode. Consider this the umpteenth example of Jaime’s redemption story, one we do still want to very much believe in.

Of course, we hesitate to fully proclaim that we’re all-in on anything Jaime-related, given the extremely high odds that he somehow is going to find a way to disappoint us all over again and send a rather sad chill down our spine.


As for Bran…

How’s he coping following the arrival of Jaime? He seems to be fine — though he may not care all that much, given that he is hardly Bran anymore in the first place. As the Three-Eyed Raven, he is someone constantly seeking out now the bigger picture, whatever that may be. He could actually be the one responsible for Jaime having a sense of purpose within Winterfell. If he recognizes his value and wants to allow him to join the cause, we feel like that’s a valuable endorsement for everyone else.

Bran’s role in the final chapter as a whole, though, is still somewhat nebulous — we’re not entirely sure that it is something that will ever be fully known.

Game of Thrones

What is Sam thinking?

That’s a reasonably question within this photo, given that he has just passed along some incredibly-pertinent info to Jon about him really being Aegon Targeryan. Throughout episode 2 or beyond, we wouldn’t be surprised if he encouraged him to try to claim his power as the true heir … though if that happens, it may result in a battle between himself and Daenerys for the throne, given that she is hardly one to back down from it (and we also don’t think there are too many differences between her and Cersei anymore regarding a thirst for power — Daenerys does have lighter edges, but most of her reign has become one of having people bend the knee and brutally taking out opponents.)

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