Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 preview: Daenerys’ big chance

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones season 8 episode 2 will be coming your way on HBO next week, and judging from the first info we’ve got about it, it’s going to get your heart pounding. It’s also going to set up new dynamics for several of these characters.

Take, for example, the idea of redemption for Jamie Lannister. Is that something that is still possible for him in a permanent way? Meanwhile, what is Daenerys planning for him, and will many of these characters actually remember to keep their eye on the prize? It’s one thing to want the Iron Throne, but it’s another to actually survive long enough in order to see it. That’s one of the things that you have to wonder when it comes to Daenerys in particular, given that she’s been so driven for much of her life to have her power that she may have tunnel-vision with it. We may root for her, but that doesn’t make her any less of a conqueror. She’s an underdog who’s become a favorite, and we still wonder precisely what we’re going to make of her by the end of this.

Here’s the big question we have: Will Daenerys end up actually getting vengeance on Jaime, even though she may not need to given that he is not the same man he once was? (We will argue that one of the best moments of tonight’s episode was seeing Jaime and Bran in the same place again — talk about things being full-circle as we inch closer to the end of the series! That moment in the pilot still reverberates for many as the thing that really started the action and the family feuds, at least through the lens of the Westeros we see.)

Do you know who does seem to still have his eyes firmly on the prize — with the actual prize being survival? Think none other than Jon Snow, who is entering this upcoming episode hoping mostly to survive.

We know what we’re building towards here — the Battle of Winterfell, which has been set up to be one of the biggest battles in TV history. We know how much work went into making it, but we’re not at the point that it’s getting center stage just yet. There are only five episodes left for the series, and the one big of a silver lining we can offer is that within those five episodes, you’re going to see a LOT of content. Think in terms of some of the longest episodes yet of the series. Episode 2 won’t be among them, though, as it’s running about the usual length for this show — slightly less than an hour.

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