Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 10: Ranking the final eight!

Edge of ExtinctionMoving into Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 10, who are the players who have the biggest targets on their back? Who should you fear in the game? Who is heading to the Edge of Extinction soon! This article is all about ranking the players!

The primary thing we should note here is that we’re not considering anyone at Extinction right now, mostly because it’s rather irrelevant to do so when you don’t know what the challenge will be for them to return … if it’s even a challenge at this point. Instead, we’re looking at the top eight using the criteria of strategy, social game, likelihood to win, their advantages, and then also personal threat level — it’s a real witches’ brew of what matters in this game.

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8. Aurora McCreary – She has a great chance of making it a few more votes given that she seems to be firmly in free-agent status, but what are the actual odds of her winning? We don’t think they’re altogether great at the moment. She doesn’t have a lot of firm allies, and even on the jury, she really only has Joe and Aubry who she was close to for much of the game based on the story that’s been told.

7. Julie Rosenberg – What’s the story for her right now? She seems well-liked within the game, but she’s been left out of important votes and her most memorable moment to date is getting extremely upset during that crazy Tribal Council a little bit earlier this season. (We should note that she and Ron were at least two of the important cogs within the David vote.)

6. Gavin Whitson – Can he take credit for getting rid of David, given that he had wanted that to happen for a while and then it did? To a certain extent we suppose so (though other people seem to want him out), but his visibility has fluctuated so much during this season it’s been hard to know what to make of him as a consistent player.

5. Ron Clark – Ron has some moves on his resume when you think about it. He helped to take out Kelley while keeping Julie in the dark about it, and he also seemed to be one of the real people behind the push to get rid of Joe. For a good while in this game, he had an alliance on lock. He’s got a case, but he’s also felt more like a passenger than a driver ever since the Kama 6 was first broken up.

4. Rick Devens – It’s crazy to think that he’s got a chance of winning this game even though he was previously voted out, but we think there’s a lot of respect that comes from playing a game that’s as direct as much of Devens’ has been over the past several episodes. He’s also got a lot of people over on that jury that, at one point or another, he’s spent a good bit of time with.

3. Lauren O’Connell – We’re putting Lauren so high just because she is the only person with an immunity idol — sure, she just lost her #1 ally in Kelley and Wardog just flipped on her for that vote, but with a game this chaotic, we give a lot of credence to just being able to survive for that one extra Tribal Council if you know how to play things.

2. Victoria Baamonde – Victoria’s played a quiet but effective game so far! Here’s quite possibly the most fascinating stat from her time out there: She is the only person remaining who has actually voted correctly every single time. The only “exception” you can throw out there is that she didn’t vote to eliminate Wendy the first time before the tiebreaker … but we don’t really count that.

1. Wardog DaSilva – It was tricky putting Wardog here because on one side of the coin, he is by far the biggest target remaining. Yet, he’s so far ahead of everyone in terms of having a closing argument at the end of the game. He’s orchestrated so many big moves all season long and has done so without ever having an idol and while being on the outside of the numbers. There’s a chance for him to find an idol now, but no guarantee that he will.

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