‘The Good Wife’ review: The emperor of ice cream

There was quite a bit that happened on “The Good Wife,” but we can really summarize some of the major events by listing a few short things: Will had a significant legal victory, Alicia made a new friend, and Kalinda and Mike shared a scene that we are surprised even made it onto network television.

We’re going to focus on the latter two points, mostly because we really do find them to be the most exciting ones. As for who’s Alicia’s new friend is, it was a woman in Maddie (Maura Tierney), a business tycoon who was originally mistaken in having a different sort of interest in Alicia rather than professional. As it turns out, though, she is going to be more than just a valuable asset designed to help get Lockhart Gardner out of debt; instead, she is also going to be a potential ally for Alicia in everything that comes for her next.

In going back to Kalinda and Nick, the only thing that really happened here when it came to the story was that after yet another awkward scene of romance and complete loathing (this time involving fingers and ice cream), she tried to get the firm to drop him as a client. They refused, and he stuck around at the end of the episode for a supremely angry scene in which he claimed that she abandoned him, and after punching a mirror the two somehow still end up back in bed together. We don’t know if we’re completely all in to this story just, but we do at least find it fairly fascinating to watch.

What did you think about this episode?

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