Akshat Singh gets Ant & Dec’s Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer

BGTIt’s another week, another Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent and this time around, it was Akshat Singh who got it!

So far this season, we’ve been very much lucky in the amount of variety we’ve seen from various Golden Buzzer picks. We’ve had a quirky kids’ choir and a comedian receive them and this is a trend we’re hoping to see continue. This competition is a little less exciting, after all, when the Golden Buzzers are predictable.

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Well, we have to say, this was a surprise. We did not anticipate young dancer Akshat Singh getting Ant & Dec’s buzzer for a goofy, high-energy dance routine. He’s only 13, and he claimed that the entire goal of what he was doing out there was to show that kids can do anything, regardless of who they are or what they look like. At first, this just felt like another corny dancer on this show, but then he did the splits and a cartwheel and showed that he has some legitimate moves.

We’ve seen acts like this before, but we don’t really think that this was necessarily a Golden Buzzer build around just talent. Like with David Walliams’ earlier this season, it was more based on just creating a fun moment with someone who takes your mind off the world. Akshat was emotional after the Golden Buzzer and you could see it written all over his face.

Do we think that he’s got an actual chance of winning this show? Probably not, given that this is one of those acts that is really all about that element of surprise and getting to see someone come out and bring you into that particular moment. The challenge is going to come his way when he hits the stage later on in the semi-finals. He’s going to need a big production and a great deal of production in order to find a way to back him up. You never want to rule anyone out, but he’s going to need even more than a great image and a few flashy dance moves to get to the next level.

We’ll ultimately see just what Akshat brings to the table next…

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