Outlander video: Preview another ‘Untold’ season 4 scene!

Outlander season 4We’ve talked about this on a few occasions already, but one of the things that do make the upcoming Outlander season 4 DVD collection a little bit more exciting is the presence of Outlander Untold.

What are these? For the uninitiated, these are scenes that were filmed specifically for the purpose of the DVD and Blu-Ray collection. They are not deleted scenes, as they were never intended to be on the show. What’s great about that is that it allows for these scenes to not be beholden to a particular length — they don’t change the overall outcome of the story, but just add a little bit more depth to the overall narrative. We’ve written in the past about one featuring Lord John Grey and William; now, there is a new preview below of one featuring a number of important characters. Think along the lines of Jocasta, Ulysses, Lizzie, and then also Phaedre.

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In the video below, the actors at the center of this scene discuss precisely what makes this one so fascinating — it’s really a scene about a rivalry that forms between Phaedre and Lizzie, which makes some sense within a certain degree of context. Odds are, this scene is set within the later part of the season when Brianna is pregnant and staying at River Run under Jocasta and the house’s care. Both Phaedre and Lizzie both feel a certain responsibility to look after Bree, and they have some differences of opinion as to how to best do that — or at least who should be doing it.

With Lizzie in particular, she may feel even more responsible for Bree when you consider the context. While she was trying to protect Sophie Skelton’s character when she proclaimed Roger to be her attacker, this misunderstanding altered the entire course of the Frasers’ lives. She recognizes that the only reason they are even at River Run is because Jamie and Claire are now off trying to correct the mistake that she started and then Jamie and Young Ian amplified. She feels a responsibility to try and make things right and care for Bree in just about any way that she possibly can.

Within this scene, you’ll see Jocasta and Ulysses try to teach Phaedre and Lizzie a lesson — whatever that is remains to be seen, but this is a chance to at least dive in and explore some of these supporting characters a little bit further. There often isn’t time to do that within the context of Outlander itself — hence, what makes these Untold clips all the more significant.

The season 4 DVD and Blu-Ray collection is going to be available at the end of next month. Be sure to buy or pre-order from your favorite retailer now!

Are there any characters you want to see included in some future editions of Outlander Untold? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and remember to check back soon for some other updates. (Photo: Starz.)

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