The Blacklist season 6 episode 17 review: Will Dembe keep Liz’s secret?

The Blacklist logo any seasonTonight, The Blacklist season 6 episode 17 delivered to you a story called “The Third Estate,” one that seemed to be, on the surface, about the kidnapping of rich kids.

Our title Blacklister is a mysterious group that is known for taking children from billionaires and demanding fortunes for them. They’re basically a collective Robin Hood for kidnapping, and they also have some major ties to Anna McMahon, who is overseeing the Task Force and responsible for the government conspiracy at the heart of this season.

Reddington handed over the Third Estate to Liz, thinking that this would be a prime opportunity for her to unsettle McMahon when it was brought to her. That worked, and the Task Force worked to reunite a billionaire family with their son — though the dad refused to give up a part of his fortune. Not only that, but he then went rogue in the negotiation process with the FBI in order to get him back. As a result of that, the son was killed. Aram beat himself up as a result of what happened, but Liz tried to reiterate that it was the billionaire’s fault, not theirs.

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Eventually, what Liz and Ressler discovered is that another child was going to be targeted, and soon enough, another rich family was about to lose another son named Tyler Whitmore. Thanks to Reddington’s help, he was able to procure an address. The Task Force was closing in on those responsible, and the question then became whether or not the team was going to be able to get results.

Aram finds himself in trouble

Without Samar around, Aram is having to take an even more active role in the field. That meant him finding himself captured from within the Third Estate’s hideout and doing whatever he could in order to get the kid out.

The problem here, unfortunately, was that Tyler Whitmore wasn’t capture kidnapped … and neither was the other kid who was killed. They were not only alive, but running the operation. The good news for Aram is mostly just that he was able to buy enough time for the reinforcements to arrive on the scene. Whitmore was gunned down, and the other member of the group was arrested.

So where did the ransom money go? That was the #1 question that Liz and the Task Force had, mostly since whoever is leading the Third Estate is probably linked to the larger conspiracy. While Liz wanted to get some answers out of who they had in custody, Reddington himself actually tracked down the leader of the Third Estate himself. What he learned is that there is no direct connection between the Third Estate and Anna McMahon. She intentionally left that file out there to, effectively, send the Task Force on a wild-goose chase.

Ressler continues his investigation

Early on in this episode, there was some bad news that came down on Virginia, Katarina’s supposed mother — she’s dead. Unfortunately, her husband didn’t seem to have any idea that Virginia had a daughter. If she did, he didn’t know anything about them.

Later, this husband gave her a call and made it clear that he knew a little bit more than he originally let on. He did know he had a daughter and that she was alive. Not only that, but Virginia apparently opted to write her a letter before she died to upstate New York.

At the end of the episode, Ressler visited the post office in order to see who had paid it a visit — and, as it turns out, there was one person who had visited: Dom. What is he doing?

Dembe’s decision

For one of the first times in Liz’s entire relationship with Raymond, Dembe did not answer the door when she arrived. He was off, meditating and contemplating Reddington’s new methodology when it comes to finding the traitor in his midst. Eventually, he decided to come back to Reddington, claiming that he was ready to do whatever he needed and that his word was still his bond.

After spending most of this episode wrestling with his guilt, he eventually came to Liz to make it clear that he was struggling — he doesn’t want to have dead bodies on his conscience. After all, Max Ruddiger is now in danger. He wants her to fess up … or he will.

CarterMatt Verdict

As you expected “The Third Estate” was a powerful, firecracker episode with a lot of great stuff from start to finish. We now know that Dom is fiercely connected to Katarina’s story so that in itself is a compelling tease for what’s next.

This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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