Blindspot season 2 episode 19 review: Weller’s mother; Kathy’s ‘wedding’

BlindspotTonight, Blindspot season 2 episode 19 brought you a story of parents, Russian spies, and also the Three Blind Mice — something that Rich and Patterson didn’t exactly want to revisit.

Let’s start, though, with the story of Weller’s mother, who he and Jane had to find in order to gather a little bit of information. This relationship is icy, and understandably so given her history abandonment, addiction, and also a little something known as owing $100,000. Yet, Jane took a more sympathetic side to her given that she was technically family … just not one that was easy to bond with.

As for the main case at the heart of the episode, that revolved around a husband-and-wife duo with ties to Russian intelligence. The problem is that for a good part of the episode, the FBI had honed in on the wrong person — it wasn’t the husband, but rather the wife in Scarlett who was actually tied to the wrongdoing. She was a violent, dangerous woman and because of that, tracking her down was no easy feat. That was even more apparent when she managed to spike the lemonade of the agent tasked to watch her.

The only way to stop Scarlett, as it turns out, was trying to appeal to her heart — that was not easy, but the team found a way in order for it to happen by appealing to her heart and the love of her son, Thomas. She may not have a whole lot of touchstones to fall back on, but how much she loved and cared for him was one of them.

On the other side of this case, Jane encouraged Weller to at least give his mother a little more of a second chance — and through that, he got a better sense of some of the events that happened way back when, back when he was a child. While we don’t think any conversations tonight healed the wounds that were there fully, at least there’s a better sense of peace here. Weller decided to pay his mother’s debt and a rehab visit, that way she can get a fresh start. She took it.

The return of the Three Blind Mice?

After Kathy got herself out of prison a little bit early, Patterson and Rich found themselves in a bind — being at the mercy of someone who they really wanted no part in being around. Unfortunately for them, Kathy had them because she remembered their past … or at least that’s what it seemed when Patterson agreed to give her a huge chunk of change (think hundreds of thousands) for her wedding in return for her silence about their past allegiance.

All of this felt like Patterson and Rich gave up a tad too easily, but at the end of the episode, it seemed like the two were good. Yet, here’s the problem — the identity of the man she’s “marrying” is Dominic.

CarterMatt Verdict

Despite so many different narratives going on tonight, Blindspot was able to unite at least many of the threads with a story that is all about family — the love that a mother has for a son no matter what happened in the past.

In between the drama, there were some funny moments between Rich and Patterson — and also some Zapata/Reade moments at home.

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