Is Hawaii Five-0 new tonight on CBS? Remaining season 9 questions

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 cast photoIs Hawaii Five-0 season 9 new tonight on CBS? This is a question worth taking on, mostly because of where we are in the season and the enthusiasm that’s out there for what’s next. There’s a lot of good stuff coming up! One of the great things about this show doing 25 episodes a year — despite praising the incredible stamina of the cast and crew — is that it gives us a chance to really see the stories of a number of different cast members play out.

So, while we wait for new episodes to resume next week, what questions do we have? What sort of other great stuff should we anticipate? Within this piece, we want to share at least a few teasers, and also some of the stuff that’s on our personal wishlist.

1. Where will McGarrett be at by the end of this season? He’s been through a lot this year — and really all years. We just want to have more of a real, personal check-in on this guy. We want to have a chance to understand how he’s feeling about his life and his relationships in it. This may seem like a broad question, but it matters given that Steve is not the sort of guy who has this lengthy history of opening up to various people and bearing his soul. He’s a little bit more on the quiet side with some of the various ins and outs of his life.

2. Will Junior and Tani get together? We know that a little bit later this season, there’s going to be an opportunity to actually see the two of them hit up a certain occasion that for some, could be romantic — and they could be teased by some of their colleagues about it. Yet, this could actually be an opportunity for them to explore whatever feelings that they have for each other … if they want to bring some of them to the surface. Based on what we’ve seen from these two characters throughout the run, those feelings are obviously there.

3. Will Noelani survive a perilous situation? Later this season, our resident medical examiner is going to find herself in the midst of a scary situation — her life will be on the line! You can read more over at the link here, and we certainly hope that some of the Task Force’s skills have rubbed off on him over time.

4. What will McGarrett’s sister bring to the table? We’re going to see Taryn Manning back to the show — finally! — a little bit later this season. Maybe she’ll be able to advise him on his life in a way few others have. If nothing else, this is going to be a fun opportunity to see her back on the show to explore this relationship.

More so than any one thing, we’re excited about the opportunity to still have more humor, more action, and a little bit more drama — basically, more of the stuff that makes this series so great.

What do you want to see on Hawaii Five-0 moving forward? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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