Is Blue Bloods new tonight? Five Jamie – Eddie wedding teases

Blue Bloods season 9

Is Blue Bloods new tonight on CBS? Wouldn’t it be nice to get yet another dose of Reagan family adventures? It’s a Friday-night tradition, both in terms of watching it and, for us, also getting a chance to really dive into stories in both written and video discussions.

Well, the bad news is that there is no new episode tonight; instead, the series is returning to CBS next week. Here’s the good news — we do still have some discussion for you below about the show and, specifically, all about the most-anticipated moment of the season in the Jamie/Eddie wedding. We’ve got for you below five different things that you can expect to see on the show moving forward;

1. We’ve already seen a first-look photo all about it! – If you head over here, you can check out what Vanessa Ray and Will Estes look like in their wedding-day attire, which is the sort of thing that we think always gets folks excited. It looks as though many of the Reagan men are wearing the same ascot, and we’re excited to see some more full photos of the whole procession.

2. Stacy Keach is returning as the Archdiocese – Given his presence on the show over the years, we can’t be altogether shocked to see him there as the officiant! It’s also noteworthy just because he and Frank have had a fair share of clashes. This is a reminder that even though there may be conflicts at times, you can put those to the side for the sake of being there in a moment that really matters.

3. Danny will be involved – Be prepared for Donnie Wahlberg’s character to offer up at least some sort of toast for what’s coming up next — it’s one we anticipate to be epic, but also loving and caring in a way we don’t always see from the hard-nosed detective.

4. The secret is out! – At this point, it has to be. While Jamie and Eddie have been able to keep things under wraps at the precinct in regards to their relationship status, them having such a public wedding is evidence that they’re going to have to clue in their place of employment. We really hope that we get to see some results of that.

5. Filming is already done – Production on the big wedding, and season 9 as a whole, has already wrapped up in New York City. Given what we know about there being a season 10, that takes away some of the pressure and the worry. Now, we have a chance to just kick back and enjoy the ceremony as-is without any sort of added pressure or concern.

What do you want to see when it comes to the Blue Bloods wedding? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for some other news.

(Photo: CBS.)

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