‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 spoilers: One final look at season premiere (video)

Do you want to take another look at the season 6 premiere for “Gossip Girl”? The video below is not the best quality ever, but it does address an extension to something we talked about previous: the search for Serena by Chuck, Blair, and Nate.

So where in the world is Blake Lively’s character hiding at the start of the season? This much is still a mystery, but we know that for whatever reason, she has deemed it better off for herself that she decided to go off the map a little bit. This leads to a car search, a reference to “Country Strong” (which Leighton Meester ironically co-starred in), and some people getting very agitated. Of course, we have a feeling that this anger would surely pale in comparison to the sort of rage that they are going to feel once they realize the affiliation that Serena has developed with Gossip Girl as of late.

So what is this character really going to be up to throughout this season? Much of it is still shrouded in a pretty thick layer of mystery, but what we can say with some certainty is that the relationship between Serena and Blair is not going to be in a very good place at all through at least the first episode or two of the show. Serena will also have a new man in her life, but it’s hard to really get that excited about that given some of her past history with romance on the show over the years.

Do you want to see Serena have a happy ending on this show, and do you think that she and Blair are going to be able to bury the hatchet in some way by the time the series finale does air?

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