NBC’s ‘Revolution’ episode 4 spoilers: Who’s about to die?

We have been hard on “Revolution” over the past few weeks, mostly because we have felt as though the series could be so much more than it actually is. However, is all of that going to change courtesy of the new episode airing Monday night? It’s probably a little early still for us to say for sure, but we do have to confirm that we are at least a little bit more hopeful now than we have been as of late.

Why? We have a promise that there is going to be a death coming up very soon, and it could be of someone that rocks this show to its core. In some ways, executive producer Eric Kripke has himself a pretty unique opportunity here: he could make a bold move and kill off one of his series regulars, and it would work as a way in which to show right out of the gate that no one is safe. The producers of “Lost” did something similar in killing off Ian Somerhalder’s Boone in the first season, and there were even plans at one point to kill Jack off in the pilot back before they cast Matthew Fox in the role. This show does need some sort of creative shot in the arm, and a death could be the catalyst. It feels too much right now that the main characters are just meandering around, and that our leading lady in Charlie is not as interesting a character as she could be.

Outside of the fact that someone will not make it out of this episode alive, we don’t have too much more to report on here at the moment; however, this could still end up changing in the 24+ hours until the show’s return. Stay tuned, as we are of course going to have plenty more.

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