The Orville season 2 episode 13 review: Ed and Kelly’s ‘second chance’

OrvilleIf there’s one thing about The Orville season 2 that we’ve learned at this point, it’s that they love relationships at their most bizarre. Take, for example, Dr. Finn trying to develop a relationship with Isaac, or Gordon falling in love with a woman whose memories first surfaced with a time capsule.

Then, tonight Ed found himself in a challenging position when he basically got a golden ticket to a relationship he once had with Kelly. A version of her from seven years before (a disruption of time, if you will) ended up coming on board the ship and because of that, he had an opportunity to right some of his past wrongs. This Kelly was very interested in him, as she was coming off of her first date with him. He was, in turn, interested in giving things another go because the present-day Kelly didn’t want to.

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What we ended learning throughout this episode was that you can’t just go back in time — or, at least Ed Mercer can’t. He tried to give things a chance with her but then realized that the Ed of today isn’t into the same stuff as the Ed from seven years ago. He may love her, but he also can’t just forget what he’s gone through. That made him realize that it was better to let this version of Kelly go, and he apologized to her for what the next several years of her life would look like once she got back to her own time.

Eventually, the crew did find a way to re-inject Past Kelly back to where she was … or at least that’s what they thought. They were a little bit preoccupied at times during this episode, given that they also had to deal with some of the Kaylon at the same time — Past Kelly was actually quite useful at one point when it came to offering up a little bit of advice.

What happened in the closing minutes?

Past Kelly did return to her own time, and soon after that, she got a call from none other than Past Ed! He continued to move along the playbook in the way in which you’d expect, but herein lies the problem — she apparently still remembered everything from what happened. Apparently, she took the heartbreak from the next few years to mean that she shouldn’t take Ed up on his offer for a second date, which means basically that the entire future of this relationship — and the timeline — is being thrown into utter chaos. In a lot of ways, this is deeply fascinating. Yet, we’re not going to lie that it’s pretty darn terrifying at the same time. How can it not be, knowing that the entire course of Ed and Kelly’s life is about to be different?

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, The Orville season 2 episode 13 delivered a story that was very much about taking us on a crazy tour through time — and also a relationship that had some shocking ramifications. We don’t even know how you can fix things in the finale, given the way in which things could be completely altered by the one decision that Past Kelly made. If nothing else, you gotta give it to the writers of The Orville for coming up with a fantastic tease.

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