Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 22 review: Meredith, DeLuca, & choices

Grey's Anatomy season 14Tonight, Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 22 brought you a story that is about choices — and also finding out where people stand.

One of the most powerful moments in the episode tonight was Amelia making a declarative statement to Tom Koracick — she was choosing Link. Was she still hung up on Owen? In her own words, yes — but, she was choosing a road less complicated and one she was seriously enjoying.

Amelia also presented another significant opportunity tonight for Koracick — to make a choice on his future with Teddy. In her words, she would always choose Owen in the end and he was prolonging the inevitable and getting himself hurt. Amelia’s smart and certainly perceptive. She’s also been around this Teddy/Owen relationship long enough to know just how things are going to go down (The conversation with Teddy and Owen at the end of the episode, even if it was just via text, was a pretty good indication of what’s coming.)

Owen himself tonight came to a key revelation, and something that we’ve felt was a part of him for most of his life: He doesn’t know how to accept joy. When things are good, he sabotages it because he feels like there’s no way for it to stay that way. We don’t think he’s really on the road to finding a fix just yet, but at least there is a certain element of recognition there.

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Elsewhere in this episode, there were some other relationship issues, both good and bad. For Meredith, she actually made an important decision after Zola caught DeLuca trying to sneak out — telling all her kids that she and Andrew were seeing each other! They didn’t view this as a negative; they joked and smiled about it, and we saw through his work at the hospital that DeLuca is great with kids. While there could still be issues that arise in their relationship, it doesn’t seem like Meredith being a mom will be one of them. They’re going to find a way to keep moving forward.

Meanwhile, could Jackson and Maggie actually move in together? After all that they’ve been through already, it’s nice to see them inching a little bit closer to this step … provided that they actually take the full leap in order to get there.

Here’s where the bad news starts to come into play

For Jo and Alex, we don’t think that anything is looking better for them. Instead, Jo showed up to work for the first time since Pittsburgh drunk and, because of that, Jackson found her difficult to work with. She didn’t see any patients, but she wouldn’t talk to him and it’s been already determined that she wouldn’t talk to Link or her own husband. After hearing about this, Alex confronted her at home and that’s when she said something that she really needed to have articulated a long time ago — she will inform him of what happened when she is ready to inform him of what happened. Until that point, he needed to back off — and if he threatened to go to Pittsburgh on his own, their relationship would be over.

Alex is worried that the same thing that’s happened in his past relationships is happening again — we do think that they’ll make it through this, but he’s gotta find a way to be patient. Meanwhile, she has to find a way to stop torching her life and the lives of those around her. If those two things happen, maybe a deal can be made and we can see these two make it to the other side.

CarterMatt Verdict

Alex made the choice to demand answers from Jo, Koracick’s made the choice to fight for Teddy, and Meredith made the choice to tell her kids. While not all choices are good one, at least some were made tonight — and as a Grey’s Anatomy viewer, we are always going to take this over stasis just about any day of the week.

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