Are Batwoman, Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene safe bets at The CW?

BatwomanWe’re in the thick of pilot season right now, otherwise known as the time where networks are making some tough choices and trying to figure out what they want to pick up, and the shows that they want to send over to the TV graveyard. We imagine that many a tough decision is being made over the next few weeks about the fate of several pilots, but for The CW, it does seem as though they’ve figured out some safe bets for themselves.

According to a new report coming in right now via Deadline, it appears as though both their Arrowverse spin-off Batwoman alongside their Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene are both looking good for a series pickup. While neither is 100% guaranteed right now, it feels as though the network is going to be eager to continue moving these projects forward.

Batwoman – In this case, there’s already a writing staff in place and it really feels like there’s nothing else for the network to do outside of going ahead and giving it a pickup. Just think about where things are at the moment with this show — it’s already got an established property, and then also a noteworthy lead in Ruby Rose. There are a ton of superhero shows at The CW, but we wouldn’t be shocked if one of them, whether it be Batwoman or Legends of Tomorrow, is held to midseason and put on after Arrow concludes its final season in the fall.

Katy Keene – In this case, it’s almost a make-good at The CW. Remember, this is a network that had Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in their grasp and they could’ve cultivated more elaborate Riverdale spin-offs than the little winks between the worlds that we’ve seen. They were effectively just outbid by Netflix for that show, and it’s turned out to be a big hit there. Katy Keene would give the network another young, non-supernatural series — with this one being about dreamers in the big city. There’s a lot of appeal here, and we certainly think that there’s a void in that market.

We know that The CW is looking at some adaptations of some other familiar properties, as well — think in terms of a new version of The Lost Boys, and also a new attempt to bring Nancy Drew to the small screen. That’s something that we saw CBS attempt a little while back with their own pilot Drew, which focused on an older version of the character. While we expect the CW version to be a slight modernization of the story, it may be at least more traditional than the big departure CBS previously tried.

We’ll have a little more news on both of these shows likely in a few weeks, as The CW officially prepares to kick off their pilot season.

For now, we want to hear from you — would you watch either Batwoman or Katy Keene should they get a green light over at The CW? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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