‘Jersey Shore’ season 6: JWoww shares feelings on show’s impact

Even if not everyone may not love the sixth season of “Jersey Shore” based on what we have seen so far, it is still hard to deny the impact that the show has had on American pop culture. The terms “GTL” and “guido” are now a part of the common vocabulary, and the show itself really put the entire Seaside Heights community on the map. Before the show, after all, these places were not exactly common locales for anyone outside of the tri-state area.

So when it comes to the character of Jenni “JWoww” Farley, she actually is not as concerned about the cultural impact of a few choice words; rather, she tells The Hollywood Reporter that she hopes the show can help out some young women, and it is something that she can reflect on for pretty much the rest of her lives:

“I can watch my early twenties and how I grew up into a woman. I feel like I walked in there as a kid and left as a young adult … The best part about it is the people that can relate and look up to us and be like, ‘I went through a breakup, I went through fighting with my friends and family, but you get along at the end of the day.’ All of us, especially women, are proud of our bodies, and repping who we are, and that’s what we wanna show young girls and young teenagers.”

What we are still personally rather interested in when it comes to this statement is that JWoww is not even trying to hold on to the sort of philosophy that we see with many reality stars, one where they believe that the level of fame they have achieved is going to go on forever. She at least seems to be reasonably self-aware when it comes to her knowledge that none of these cast members are going to have this level of fame again, even if they go on to start in other spin-offs (such as “Snooki & JWoww”) or if they appear on other shows.

What do you think about JWoww’s comments?

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