Shadowhunters season 3 episode 18 review: Magnus, Alec, & pain

Tonight, Shadowhunters season 3 season 18 was a dagger in the heart. Seriously. This is an episode where we’re hurting. This is an episode where everyone is hurting.

Before we go any further into this article, we should note that there’s a reason still for hope on the other side. We can’t imagine that this is the end for Magnus and Alec. Still, to have them go from being nearly engaged to split within the span of a single episode one of the worst feelings imaginable.

During that breakup scene tonight, we just found ourselves waiting, hoping for something to come up in the middle of it to make it not happen. We could barely even stand to watch it. Knowing that Alec didn’t mean what he said, and knowing how desperate Magnus was for him, only made the pain even worse. He broke up with him thinking that this was the only way Asmodeus would grant him his powers back. Alec ended things for Magnus, to give him a part of himself that Magnus felt he needed. Yet, what Alec failed to realize through this decision is that in time, Magnus would come to realize that Alec was what he needed. Not magic. Magic is a part of his mind, but Alec is the whole of his heart.

Now, that heart is in scattered pieces on the floor. Hats off to Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. for portraying the pain of this scene. Even if it ends up being temporary, it may be the most visibly upset we’ve been over a TV breakup in quite some time.

Unfortunately for Magnus, more chaos is coming given how Asmodeus now seems to be walking the earth — that was the cliffhanger to this episode and it’s what is probably going to reverberate in our mind for the next seven days, alongside eating a lot of comfort food to make us feel better about what we just watched.

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The sorrow extends to Clary

We cannot exactly say that we’re feeling so great about Clary and Jace’s future after it seems like Clary is now fully on the same plane as Jonathan. He’s got more control of her than he ever has before, and that included coming to him and saving his life … while also doing whatever she could in order to stop Jace or anyone else that stood in her way.

The reason the pain is here is because like with Alec, we’re watching someone act in a way that is not anywhere close to the person she is. This is not the Clary we know and love and seeing her twist the knife (metaphorically) is hard to watch. It’s especially the case since she’s so powerless to do anything. Her entire story this season has been about enduring abuse and a loss of control while her abuser continues to do whatever he can to taunt, torment, and make sure that he finds a sense of salvation that he does not deserve.

Is there any happiness anywhere?

Well, maybe you can consider Luke out of prison a part of that, or Simon starting to realize that he does have feelings for Izzy and that being single forever, as he previously thought, is not the best move for him. These are two characters who do seem perfect for each other at this point, mostly because they’ve each been through so much that they realize now precisely what each one of them needs as we move forward. There’s a comfort that they could find here amidst this dangerous world … at least if the two of them can actually open up their hearts enough to really dive in and discover it.

CarterMatt verdict

While we know that there were side stories in this episode for Maia, Jordan, and a great conversation between Maryse and Magnus, it’s really hard to concentrate on anything other than the Malec conversation near the episode’s end. It is a testament to the power of one couple that even the thought of them together sends emotional shockwaves, but here we are.

If you’re feeling distraught, just know this: The story is far from over, and we’re all in this together. Let’s stay strong as we look to see what’s on the other side.

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