SEAL Team season 2: What makes the Sonny – Davis relationship work

SEAL TeamMrs. Carter: Can you make the case for Sonny and Davis from SEAL Team as one of TV’s best new relationships? Spoiler alert — I’m going to within this piece!

When you think about relationships on TV, there are a few different things that immediately catch your eye — good chemistry, a unique love story, and also just something intangible, whether it be a specific tone, a sense of humor, or a surprise factor that gets you all-in on the idea of two characters being together in a way that you would not expect. With Sonny and Davis, you almost have all of the above.

When you go back to when the two characters were first starting to circle the idea of a relationship, there was something wonderfully unique about it. Sonny is a gruff but fun-loving dude with a habit of getting his party on — typically, he’s not the character in the ensemble who gets a love interest. That’s usually going straight to the leading man, especially when the love interest is another prominent character on the show. Davis is a character who always seems to have a lot on her plate, including now being a part of OCS. We don’t think that she was looking for a relationship with Sonny until it happened, and once it did, things just started to build from there.

I don’t necessarily think the science behind these two characters is that difficult — they just make one another happy. They come from different walks of life and have different military backgrounds, but their friendship was able to build into something more. They’re a great example of a television relationship between characters where said relationship doesn’t define them. They still have separate goals, and while they’re each willing to take away from that for each other, they are not changing every part of themselves for the sake of making the other person happy.

The two characters are still learning and growing — and that’s why there’s no guarantee that the relationship pans out in the end. For now, they’re trying to figure out patience, the proper way to communicate, and Sonny is working on showcasing an element of vulnerability. Hence, the fantastic going-away gift that he had for her earlier this season and him finding time in the Philippines to speak with her and see how she was doing in the midst of rigorous training.

If there’s a good comparison to make between this ‘ship and another notable one on television, it’s probably Brett and Antonio from Chicago PD / Chicago Fire. Because the two characters were so different and the relationship so unlikely, it was a creative risk for the writers to take. Everyone wanted to think it would be popular, but nobody understood just how popular it would become. Now, you can argue that this is one of the best relationships in all of SEAL Team, thanks in part to the writing and the great performances from AJ Buckley and Toni Trucks. It’s certainly one of the most intriguing, especially when you think about how these are two characters who are both actively involved in the military. Because of that, there could be less separation in terms of life after the team if this is a relationship that lasts … and you really have to hope it will! (Granted, there’s another question also worth wondering — whether or not SEAL Team will return for a season 3. That is something discussed in the video below — check that out, and remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more insight.)

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