SEAL Team season 2 episode 18 video: Justice for Clay

SEAL Team season 2Next week on SEAL Teamthe party’s over in the Philippines — now, it’s all about searching for justice and getting revenge.

Tonight’s episode (read our full review for it here) featured many different things cast amidst the country’s local nightlife — decisions about the future, relationship discussions, and plenty of drinking. It felt like Bravo Team was enjoying a little more of a cushier mission than they are used to, but of course it’s right when you start to feel a sense of comfort that things crumble apart. That happened tonight courtesy of that enormous explosion, one that left the fate of Clay in jeopardy and raised questions as to how the team is moving forward.

Based on the promo below for next week’s “Payback,” the focus may not necessarily be on getting near-constant updates on the condition of Clay. Instead, it may be more about what Jason and the rest of Bravo do in order to ensure that the sweeping attack is not forgotten — and there is a dedicated military response to it. They may know much about his condition while they’re operating on the ground, and we can imagine that only adding to their drive, determination, and thirst for a few answers.

Of course, Mandy does also express some concern in the promo, and that serves as a solemn reminder that this isn’t just a revenge mission. It cannot be thought of in that way. There are real innocent people who are involved here — these are the victims that make up the larger death toll. This needs to be about acting in a way to protect these people and make sure there are no attacks. It can’t just be about fanning the flames because someone Jason and the team cared about may not make it through in one piece.

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This is where we give the SEAL Team writers all the credit in the world for all of the heart palpitations they are throwing at us with this show — it feels like every few weeks, they confront us with a situation where the life of a major character is in jeopardy and we’re left to figure out if they will make it through. If Sonny can survive almost drowning, can’t Clay survive this? We like to think so, but sooner or later, these nine lives for Bravo Team are going to run out. The most notable person we’ve lost this season so far is Alana, and the cruel irony there is that she was someone back at home, i.e. someone who should have in theory been the most safe.

What do you want to see when it comes to SEAL Team season 2 episode 18, and does the new promo below get your blood boiling a little bit more? Share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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