God Friended Me season 2: Will Cara actually spend time in Paris?

God Friended MeMoving into God Friended Me season 2, it felt pretty clear that there were a number of different directions that the CBS show could go with some of their characters — and also with its own timeline. The writers could have easily decided to have a massive time jump and then pick up with Cara back from Paris at the start of season 2; yet, in doing so, they may miss out on how that time away changes the character, let alone the big mystery that comes from the mystery woman meeting Miles at the end of season 1.

While we certainly expect there to be a time jump at some point (we don’t think the writers want Cara gone forever), it’s not going to be happening right away. Speaking in a new postmortem for the season 1 finale with TVLine, executive producer Steve Lilien notes that you are going to be seeing Cara spend a little bit of time in Paris — basically confirming that she does get on the plane and head towards the country:

She does [get on board the plan]. She was wearing the beret and everything. Yeah, she gets on the plane, and she goes to Paris. Honestly, we’re really excited, because we’re going to tell Cara’s story in Paris over the first couple episodes [of Season 2]. She’s going to have her own story and her own trajectory that will change her, so when she does come back to New York, things are not going to be the same as when she left.

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So did Miles make a mistake in not telling Cara that he loved her? We think that this is going to be one of the primary questions to wonder entering this season given that the time apart could change them, and perhaps put them in a position where they are not anywhere near as compatible as they once were. On the flip side, though, Cara made it clear that she didn’t want to know about Miles’ feelings, noting that if she heard him say “I love you,” she would have likely stayed back and may have resented him for that later … even if she didn’t say it. Every big decision that you make in life is a risk.

God Friended Me is clearly looking to try new things and play around with its world a little bit in season 2. We’re not sure that we’re down with God having a number of different people receiving friend suggestions (we met one at the end of season 1), mostly because we do like the idea that this is a part of what makes Miles and his overall place in the narrative special. We don’t want to see that fade from the story anytime soon.

When could God Friended Me season 2 premiere?

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