ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Who knows about Beckett’s secret?

On Monday night, “Castle” is going to be making an episode all about secrets, and this includes everything from assorted odds and ends to finding out the truth about Castle and Beckett.

When it comes to this latter topic, we have one thing to share almost immediately now: the fact that someone has already managed to figure out without too much trouble that these two are actually dating. So who’s the guilty party? It’s none other than Castle’s own mother! We are quick to learn here that she was not so crazy as to not figure out that she was hiding in Rick’s closet earlier this season, and she is pressing Castle to tell Alexis the truth about it just in case she accidentally walks in on the two of them at some point. It’s a pretty rational explanation, but that does not necessarily mean that he is going to go along with it. Why? Castle has never really been someone who has completely struck us as a rational person the vast majority of the time.

Eventually here, we are going to be getting back to the case … and it looks as though one of the scariest aspects of it is that the victim tried to spell out some word in blood as she was dying. Was she really trying to say “lie,” or putting out someone’s initials? We actually love these sort of cases since it is never what it seems.

Is this this case that is causing some more conflict with Castle and Beckett in the same way as the newsroom did last week? Not exactly. The only real issue here appears to be the fact that Nathan Fillion’s character is more or less wagging his relationship in Lanie’s face by answering Beckett’s office phone while going through her desk.

Finally, we are turning to what is actually our favorite part of this whole episode: the fact that as this “Storage Wars”-inspired mystery plays on, Castle actually finds a piece of jump (at least in his eyes) that actually turns out to be a collectible that Gates has been looking for for several years now. He gives it to her without much thought, and suddenly, he is now her new best friend. Who ever knew that dolls were the way to the steely captain’s heart?

Are you excited to see this episode? If you want to see some more that is coming up pertaining to the mob, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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